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10 New Arrivals at Kondengui, 2 Mentally ill, 1 Epileptic



Ten new detainees of the Anglophone crisis arrived the Kondengui maximum security prison in Yaoundé on Tuesday 5 April, 2017. Among the new arrivals at the detention facility are two journalists; Atia Tilarious Azohnwi, Political Desk Editor of The Sun Newspaper and Amos Fofung, Buea bureau chief of The Guardian Post Daily Newspaper who were arrested last February 9.

The journalists and eight others were whisked off from the Yaounde military tribunal at about 6:15pm. They have since their arrest been detained at headquarters of the Judicial Police at Elig-Essono. Sources disclosed that they would be brought before a state prosecutor at the military court on Tuesday as charges against them are yet to be unveiled. About eight Journalists are now at the Kondengui prison since the crisis rocking the two English speaking regions began.

Two Detainees ‘Go Mad’

Meanwhile before the arrival of the ten ‘new’ detainees of the Anglophone crisis at the Kondengui prison, a group of Members of Parliament of the opposition SDF paid a visit to the prison with food items and words of comfort to the detainees. Addressing the press after Tuesday’s visit, SDF legal adviser and Vice President at the National Assembly, Hon Joseph Mbah Ndam said some of the detainees are not in good health.

“There are two who are mentally deranged. I don’t know whether it is as a result of the incarceration or the state of mind at the time they were ferried into Kondengui,” Hon Barrister Mbah Ndam said in the presence of his colleagues.

Besides the mentally deranged are two others; one that is epileptic “with wounds all over his body,” and one who has Asthma, complaining he has not been taking his drugs—cases that which the SDF MPs said they’re taking measures to provide them with medical legal assistance. “We have a duty to organize a defense for all of them. They are political victims, victims of circumstance,” the Vice President of the National Assembly and SDF MP stated.

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