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Winning the struggle: Play the fool and maintain Unity



Play the fool and maintain Unity

I have seen and read a lot of contradictory posts on facebook these days from a few people who have been strong into the SC struggle.
Most of the posts claim, to tell the truth, claim to expose a lot of things happening amongst us Southern Cameroonians.

Look, truth telling is a good thing but I want to tell you that in a fight, a big one of course if it means that you should play the “maturity rule” to win then play it. This “maturity rule” according to a Nigerian actor is.”the ability not to lie and not to tell the truth”.

If it means that I should lie an opponent in a fight to check something nice behind him so that I give him a hard blow, I will do it. After all, it’s a fight, not a game!

La République knows the truth in this whole struggle but they keep applying the “maturity rule” except crooked Tchiroma who tells blatant, flagrant and deadly lies. Yes La République knows the truth that SDF had the right to march in Douala but they played their game to favor them because they know they are in a big fight, Yes La République knows the truth that Atanga Nji Paul, Paul Ghogomo, Okalia Bilai, VC Nalova Lyonga, Lele LAfrique, Fame Ndongo etc all failed and made terrible mistakes, Yes La République knows the truth that SC has been Marginalized for over 55years yet they don’t voice it out outrightly so that we shouldn’t use it against them, so that we should not win.

Now, we expected La République to fire Okalia Bilai, UB VC, etc but Biya didn’t because if he does now in the middle of this fight, then he has given us more energy to fight. Their main focus now is to fight and Win us then blame, a sack and replace those he thinks made terrible mistakes in the course of the struggle.
We need to stop giving them tiny holes to penetrate us.

Now, remember we are in a struggle with La République who has all the resources it takes to fight us, yet each time we attempt to win, they play every tactic to override us again. Then What more of us with little or no resources? Don’t you think we can us every available means including “winning lies”?

Never have we heard Yang Philemon, Tchiroma, Fame Ndongo, nor Belinga Eboutou lay blames on Atanga Nji or on Tchiroma or blame each other. They keep fighting us rather than fight amongst themselves then give us a chance to beat them?.

We have a target– our target is to WIN ( Federalism or Independence). We still have a long way into the struggle yet we have started blaming each other with contradictory posts and videos on Facebook in the name of “truth” telling ?? Okay, keep telling the truth and expose even your sources of confidential information from La République then. Terrible!
Please when we reach the target line and emerge victoriously, our people will then be honest and teach La République how to build a nation.

Let’s continue to be the undaunted men and women of SC and face the common enemy and even harder.

La République uses this very contradictory posts we write on facebook to inform our people negatively, our people with no internet, left with only Lyin’CRTV. I bet you that this very “truth” we claim to vomit is what that may kill this struggle from my observation.

And let’s be aware that if Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku had engaged more in this “truth” telling then we would have been “dead” long ago. You think they don’t know most of what we post? You think they can’t say it? Do we expect them to voice out everything on facebook? Don’t get it wrong, I’m not saying that their posts are lies but what I mean is that, just like other mature leaders, they certainly may know everything we claim to inform them but decide not to pour it out just to keep our struggle burning and maintain UNITY till we reach the target point–WIN.

I think if we had a way to tell lies to Biya and his cohorts that may bring us victory in this struggle most of us will tell such lies right now no matter what.
The “truth” telling posts has gone far such that we now ignorantly expose even where our escaped leaders are taking refuge. Really??

If one of our fighters makes a mistake, why not try and inbox or correct it with a reasonable comment and not crucify the person in the middle of a struggle? Let’s employ every little tactic that may lead us to victory rather than exposing ourselves which La République uses to inform our people negatively. Our people with pain, our people with no internet, our people with only Lyin’CRTV. Remember hundreds are in prison, others killed, tortured, raped and others may never be seen again. It’s not a joking matter. Let’s criticize by suggesting the way forward if we have to win. Are we getting tired? Please put more effort. Our people are in pain, their hearts are bleeding.


By Ekane G

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