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La Republique Draws The Battle Line: School Year Should Be Over



The Battle Line is now drawn: Ad-Hoc Committee Ends

Today over CRTV news this evening, the so-called Professor Paul Ghogomu, President of the ad-hoc committee created by Prime Minister Philemon Yang has ended the committee meetings. He says recommendations have been sent to the Prime Minister. It is now evident that without any conclusions with our leaders, the battle line has been drawn.

Since there shall be hence no meetings; considering that our remaining compatriots have not been released from La Republique jails; Mindful of the continues shootings and arrest of our people; Bearing in mind that none of the worries of the lawyers and teachers has been met. Cognizance of the fact that this is now the people’s strike till the restoration of West Cameroon statehood is reached; Considering the various Press releases and briefings from the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium. In the spirit and letter of these releases and press briefings from the Consortium, I am proposing the following actions to the consortium.

1. The Consortium should declare the academic year 2016/2017 in West Cameroon blank and over

2. Ghost Towns should be declared every week on Mondays and Tuesdays so that every other sector in national life is involved

3. Declare the grounding of GCE and any other state exams in West Cameroon.

4. Other boycotts should be envisaged such as food boycotts to La Republique Du Cameroun, non-payments of taxes etc

5. To urgently as an exception co-opt Hon. Wirba and his team to continue the West Cameroon tour to educate our people.

6. An urgent All-West Cameroon Conference be called so that a high delegation interim government be formed that will lead any political negotiations with La Republique- such negotiations should only be within the framework of a referendum wherein only citizens from former British Southern Cameroons shall vote.

These are the proposals that I, Mark Bareta, PAAWCE, Patriotic Aboriginal Anglophone of West Cameroon Extraction, is putting forward as the possible next actions -so help me God.

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