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Foncha’s Family Speak Out: La Republique Actions Hurt Southern Cameroons



Genuine Dialogue is Possible: “The Truth Shall Prevail”

No matter how long the truth is hidden, it shall prevail one faithful day. Based on the fact that La Republique du Cameroun has refused seeing reasons in the light of Foncha’s Federal ideology, the desire for the complete restoration of Statehood crops up. Normally, following the terms of the ‘reunification’ agreement, if Southern Cameroons is to leave the supposed union with La Republique, it will be a separation and not secession- as many government officials term it. Such actions according to the Foncha’s family continually hurts Southern Cameroonians because the Federal Republic was never intended to be discarded as it pleases those at the helm of power and authority.

Foncha consistently made declarations to effect that only Federalism reflects the genuine hopes and aspirations of Southern Cameroonians. Federalism, therefore, was Foncha’s chosen path to achieving a peaceful, prosperous and unified Cameroon. In this regard, Foncha’s family noted that “the present stalemate does not bode well for the vision”. Adding that “denial of the problem at hand, pretense that the country is in a state of normalcy, making and implying incorrect assertions, intransigence by government officials, only serve to strengthen the resolve of the population of Southern Cameroons to seek their self-determination.” In this respect, they called on a return to dialogue by stating that like their father, dialogue is the way forward to lasting peace and reconciliation. They added that dialogue can never be fruitful without freedom of expression, freedom of existence and freedom of peaceful demonstration. Freedom is only assured when there are true forgiveness, understanding and justice.

Therefore, there is a need for the renegotiation of terms of reunification. Renegotiation can only come to reality through constructive and meaningful dialogue. In this regard, the Foncha’s family suggests that a return to dialogue will be a show of government’s goodwill effort towards solving the problems raised. This can be possible by first and foremost through the unconditional release of all leaders and people arrested and detained, holding accountable perpetrators of the abuse of civil rights of citizens, the demilitarisation of towns and cities in Southern Cameroons and the restoration of internet connections in the South West and North West Regions. These are the first steps to genuine dialogue, bearing in mind that forgiveness is not weakness, but a demonstration of fortitude, an attribute we all seek in the government. The family concluded that “this is what Dr Foncha fought for, never compromising his values of integrity, honesty, justice and maintenance of peace”.

BaretaNews adds its voice by saying that, self-determination hereof remains a belief until the truth is revealed. Like Mahatma Gandhi quoted: “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”


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