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West Cameroon Quasi Government Sends Christmas Wishes



Citizens of West Cameroon (Southern Cameroons) have received seasonal wishes from the consortium which has been overwhelmingly supported by Anglophones. The consortium is presently championing the Anglophone struggle with the main objective being a two state Federation. In a government-like manner, the consortium has sent out seasonal greetings to all citizens of former West Cameroon. It is the interpretation of BaretaNews that this message directly follows the format of an interim West Cameroon government and thus the caption of the post reflects the contents of the message. Read on

A message for you at Christmas.

Fellow citizens of former west Cameroon.

For several weeks now, we have stood up to the oppressor to reclaim our dignity which for decades has been trodden underfoot. In a land God has blessed with abundance, we have suffered deprivation, lack, and marginalization.

Consortium message

But in this season when Christ is born, we are reminded that he came to set us free from sin and Shame; from all the pain and sorrow of the past.As we celebrate His birth, let us be assured that our time has come according to God’s promise. We pray for every family and believe peace, justice, and equality will be ours.

We wish you a happy Christmas.
God is our strength

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