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Presbyterian Church “Endorses 2nd Jan Walk”- Stand With The People.



The Presbyterian Church Stands With the People

These days, sermons at PCC congregations across the country have been characterised by fierce criticism of government’s handling of the strike action in Anglophone Cameroon. Today Sunday, December 25, 2016 saw another twist where top regime barons namely Senator Mafany MUSONGE, who fellowship at PCC Bastos were embarrassed by Rev. Emmanuel MASSOCK’s homily. Hear him;

“…Peace doesn’t mean the absence of a full-scale war. Marginalising people is not peace, a hungry people are not peaceful. Denying the existence of an Anglophone Problem is a provocation because we all know it exists. The solution to the Anglophone Problem is GENUINE dialogue void of provocation. We call on the demonstrators to demonstrate peacefully, and at the same time, the government must protect these demonstrators as they manifest their basic human rights to be heard! Let us maximise this season of peace and bring true peace to our people…”

It is important to mention that last Sunday, Rev. Dora , an ordained PCC pastor lashed out at the government for poor handling of the strike actions in Anglophone Cameroon. She ministered at the PCC Buea station Congregation. CPDM Members of Parliament were overheard castigating the preacher after sermon; saying ‘..that small girl has no respect for people…’ This writer wonders aloud if there’s respect of persons in the house of God.

We call on the Catholics and Baptists to stop playing diplomacy and side with justice and truth.

AKOSON Raymond
For BaretaNews

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