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Trump is an Outsider, Not Freemason or Rosicrucian- AYAH PAUL



Ayah Paul Abine, Chairman of Cameroon’s Popular Action Party (PAP) and Supreme Court Advocate has also added his voice to the ongoing Presidential campaign in USA. In a public Facebook post on Facebook, he praised Trump as an outsider who could get the job done while shoing his respect for Clinton. Read on


I had deep respect for Hillary Clinton for a number of reasons. Her enviable and admirable equanimity in the face of Monica Lewinski “sexual harassment case” was exceptional. From first lady, she took the bold step to return to the White House in her own right. Being beaten by Obama did not deter her. And history has she made already just by being the first lady presidential candidate as such…

But the onslaught against Donald Trump has prompted one to wonder a little what the ulterior motives are. and the search for answers becomes impelling when people who have risen to prominence through fraud, favouritism, and sordid interest and who have no right to vote to arrogate to themselves the right lightly to judge and facetiously to condemn someone unheard. The fictitious involvement of Camerounese/Cameroonians who live filthy politics in their own country in hopeless expectations is far mush more intriguing.

In reciprocity then do we propose to establish in the days ahead, by God’s grace, what we believe is the causation.

It is most apparent that the pivot of the “universal” war against Donald Trump is the fact that he is an outsider. The world is patiently administered today through cults that exclude nonmembers absolutely. Cameroun, for instance, has departed from rule by the Freemasons to the Rosicrucians. Nonmembers of the establishment are seen as worthless while mediocrities lord it over everyone else irrespective of their inefficiency.

Among the Republicans, Trump is not conservative enough: a euphemistic way of saying that Trump is an outsider – not of the establishment. And their “hatred” for such breach of water-tight exclusiveness drives them into acute desperation to the point of sacrificing party principles in favour of the opposite candidate – as if such unity will remain ineffectual after Trump! This is suicidal, given the popular support Trump has.

But as cult incarnates rule, The protection of cult interest does prevail.


It is no secret that Donald Trump was born to a rich family. That enviable position is clearly the unseen catalyst that leaves facetious condemnation and disparagement. It gives him financial independence and sovereignty in taking decisions. All that to the displeasure of the establishment who find themselves with little leverage.

In the American political realm, the powerful and the rich do pull the strings from behind the curtain. The practice has been baptized “imposed mandate” by certain quarters. The candidate undertakes to adopt or support the adoption of policies dictated by the supporters or funding groups. A recent good example is Obama who opposed same-sex marriage as a senator but submitted to pressure from those who funded his campaign to be president. Realizing Trump would submit to his conscience alone, all must be done to stop him: a sudden break with practices dating back to time immemorial is intolerable!

Again, unlike Hillary who had accepted a score of millions of dollars on the system just described above;Trump has accepted just about 20.000 dollars: he relies on his own resources. Under those circumstances, spending must be acutely rational. In the result, there is little largesse for journalists, lamely comparable with Clinton who has not earned the money – mere “manner from heaven”. That explains why US journalists, especially the “gombo-thirsty ones of Clinton Cable News – CNN – have few kind words for Trump. The bias and hostilities are open, direct and sustained!

Obama was “temperamentally fit” when he depicted Hillary in 2008 as


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