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The True State Of School Resumption In Southern Cameroons







Schools Resumption: What is the true state on the ground?

The reality on the ground is that there is uncertainty, no serenity and huge insecurity. The reality on the ground is that daily abductions and fear has gripped our people. The reality on the ground is that interviews into form ones and new classes have been a great blow both to government and confessional schools. The reality on the ground is that students who were supposedly promoted for no work done have not even paid fees. The reality on the ground is that the government is forcing and coercing school institutions to open.

Now I happened to speak with a Catholic administrator in the Buea Diocese who confessed to me that interviews have been a failure to the point where some schools within the diocese could not even boast of 10 students. The same is true for Presbyterian and Baptist schools. Administrators there are dumb founded as parents are keeping their children away from any registration.

Now what is also true is that Christians have reacted differently when school announcement are read in Church. With Catholic Christians, they still have this too much respect for their priests. When such is read, they only murmured in church but when out of church you could hear them condemning the father and asking him to send his own child to school mockingly. We have seen how some priests have broken rank with their Bishop to say no school in their parish. This gives us the temperature of Catholic Christains. For them no school.

We get to Presbyterian Christains. These ones are liberal with no much allegiance to their pastors. They have openly in Church with loud dissaprovals reacted angrily when an annoucement on school resumption is made. In some cases some of them walk out of Church. Presbyterian Christains are ready for the struggle.

The SDF highest body join lately with some hard conditions for school resumption. They too have a following and a strong voice.

Thus we are in August, barely 25 days to the commencement of another academic year.
Government instead of solving problems, sends sorrogates to interrogate parents that schools in the NW & SW *must* start!!! With Confessional and Private schools nothing is happening as regards registration.

What’s the media in Southern Cameroons doing?For fear of being arrested (or gain some favour), some reporters go about singing the government propaganda without telling govt the reality on ground.The truth is, there’s a wave of change (in governance or whatever) in the minds of the people… Either consciously or unconsciously, denizens of Northwest and Southwest are resisting bad policy, discrimination, sectionalism etc.

Conclusively BaretaNews can boldly say that school will not resume unless the conventional conditions are met.

This Mark Bareta.

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