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Biya’s Director of Civil Cabinet Killed Bishop Balla- Bishop’s Childhood Friend Reveals



EXPOSED: Paul BIYA’s Friend Killed the Bafia Bishop.

– The Pope Frowns as the most corrupt Appeals Court in La Republique du CameroUn claims that the Bishop committed suicide. The same court that threw out the Lord Justice Ayah’s appeal case and disappeared his file.

The childhood friend of the murdered Bafia Bishop – Pr. Vincent Sosthene Fouda – has blasted and refuted in unequivocal terms the conclusions of the autopsy from the office of the Attorney General of the Yaounde Appeals Court. He insists that the prelate was savagely killed and has pointed a finger at Belinga Eboutou, BIYA’s closest friend and the Director of the Civil Cabinet at the presidency of that highly impoverished Central African country.

Pr. Vincent Sosthene says that Belinga called the Bishop as late as 10:47 PM and asked him to open the door because he (Belinga) was there. The Bishop opened the door and let him in the house with his assailants. At 10:57 PM, a close relation from the village called the Bishop, who could only say, “I will call you back” in their local dialect. He didn’t call again.

The relation in the village then called the Arch Bishop of Yaoundé at 6:14 AM, telling him that he has been calling his brother Bala to no avail since the previous night. Now, Vincent Sosthene has asked people and Christians to resist lies. He has asked them to insist on being told the truth. He says the Bishop had no water in him, especially in his lungs. He had a broken leg and arm. His sandals were wrongly worn. He is asking Biya to immediately sack Belinga, the Director of Civil Cabinet, the Secretary of State in charge of Gendarmerie, and the Police boss. He has also concluded that the Arch Bishop of Yaounde should also make himself available for interrogations.

My Comment: This foreign news is of interest to us because the Pope is behind the Southern Cameroonian bishops. Also, we need to help the papacy establish that truly, La Republique is a terrorist state and must server all diplomatic relationship with them.

Now, we must not believe and fall for the cheap lies presented by the office of the Attorney General of the Yaounde Appeals Court. We all saw how this ‘njangi group’ called a court did severe injustice on our hero Justice Ayah Paul. Basic law principles state that judgements must be sanctioned by facts and the law (that is, legal facts). This court, in complete violation of this principle threw out the habeas corpus prayer of their boss Chief Justice Ayah Paul. When Ayah showed interest to appeal at the level of the Supreme Court, this same court DISAPPEARED AYAH’S file. If this court could do such to not only someone superior to them in the law but also alive, do you think they will render justice to a dead bishop? Nothing good can be expected from such a group of criminals calling themselves magistrates.

The people of the Southern Cameroons reject the autopsy reports as false. We find the office of the Attorney General of the Yaounde Appeals Court fantastically corrupt and unable to render justice. We join the Pope and the entire Roman Catholic church the world over in grief and pain. Our hearts go out to them.

People, share this post on the wall of the Pope. Get facts from it and tweet on all Catholic groups on WhatsApp, twitter and Facebook.

We are in this together. Man No Run.


From a federalist to an ‘independentist’. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.

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