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Elected Representatives Resign From Cameroun Parliament And Go Home- Fon Dinka




Fellow Ambazonians, Fellow Children of God

I am Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka

I had no intention to speak out at this time but I decided to do so in response to phone and emails calling on me to speak out as the Father of Ambazonia.

I want to first of all say I am not the father of Ambazonia; the father of Ambazonia is the Lord God who thousands of years ago, created the Ambas Bay, the zone of which geography identifies as Ambazonia. I am only the little creature the lord God used to put Ambazonia into writing through the pamphlets I wrote in 1985 on the Ambazonian Revolt.

It is the Lord God himself who kick started the Ambazonian Revolt by making President Paul Biya enact Restoration law 84/01 on 2 January 1984 dissolving the illegal union of our two countries and restoring them back as mutually sovereign and independent of each other again, as they were before the illegal union which was first called Federal Republic and later United Republic of Cameroun.

President Biya only realized it when I called on him to withdraw from Ambazonia in compliance with his restoration law. This is proof positive that the restoration of Ambazonia’s independence is an act of God. President Biya arrested me and I was tortured till I suffered a stroke which paralysed my left side. He then charged me before the Cameroun military Tribunal with high treason punishable with death by a firing squad.

The Lord God made the tribunal dismiss the case, but President Biya rearrested me and put me under indefinite house arrest; from there I made my escape into exile in 1988.

In 1990 I went to the United Nations with our case and after studying they advised (i) that a Proclamation should be made formalizing the restoration of our country’s independence with its geographical identity as Ambazonia; (ii) that a formal request be made for a seat at the United Nations including a request for the UN to put Cameroun out of Ambazonia. This we did. And the UN said Ambazonia’s seat at the UN would only be available when our elected representatives stop attending Cameroun Parliament.

Meanwhile in 1992 we made President Biya acknowledge Ambazonia as an independent nation, through the Bamenda High Court case HCB/28/92. The proceedings appear verbatim in the English edition of the Cameroun News Paper LE MESSAGER of 10 February 1993.

With that News Paper I approached Nigeria’s Head of State General Sani Abacha to use his Good Offices to get President Biya withdraw from Ambazonia in compliance with the Cameroun restoration law 84/01 and Cameroun High Court judgement HCB/28/92.

When president Biya rejected Nigeria’s Good offices General Abacha sent Nigerian troops to occupy Ambazonia’s oil rich Bakassi Peninsula. General Abacha offered to withdraw from the Peninsula when President Biya withdraws to the east of the Mungo River.

Cameroun sued Nigeria at the International Court of Justice; and the Court ordered both Cameroun and Nigeria to withdraw to their boundaries as obtained at independence.

Then in January 2005 the United Nations got both Nigeria and Cameroun to sign a treaty to comply with the judgement of the International Court of Justice. And Cameroun’s President Biya signed it saying “I President Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroon, in a bid to provide lasting peace to the Bakassi conflict, do hereby commit myself and my government to respect the territorial boundaries of my country as obtained at its independence.” And Cameroun’s independence was on 1 January 1960 when Ambazonia was still part of the Nigerian Federation.

In 2009 the Lord God made the United Nations surveyors go and build huge pillars along the international boundary line which separates Cameroun from Ambazonia.
When President Biya says Cameroun is one and indivisible we say yes but Ambazonia is not part of Cameroun. Cameroun constitution says the National Assembly President becomes interim Head of State till a new president is elected within 90 days, but when Ahidjo resigned Paul Biya was illegally made Head of State in order to prevent then National Assembly President S T Muna becoming interim Cameroon Head of State because he being an Ambazonian was not a Cameroonian. So President Biya has been illegal President from day one to this day.

Let me reaffirm that with effect from 2 January 1984, Ambazonia’s independence became no longer a matter for debate. And Ambazonia would take its seat at the United Nations once our elected representatives resign from Cameroun Parliament.

We therefore salute and hail our Hon. MP Wirba for leading the way in standing tall to be counted in support of our people’s demand which is summarised in these 12 words:
Cameroun Public Servants Go Home, Ambazonian Senators and MPs Come back Home.

We are therefore thankful to our lawyers, the teachers and the masses who have made the strike a national one enabling us to have the Civil Society Consortium as our home front leadership.

We call on the Consortium to stand firm with the strike till illegal President Biya withdraws from Ambazonia and till our Members resign from Cameroun Parliament; so that Ambazonia can take its seat at the United Nations. This will provide legal cover for the foreign assistance we need to reconstruct our governing organs in accordance with Ambazonia’s constitution, and that is our 1960 constitution modified to replace the Queen of England with a native Ambazonian as Ambazonia’s Head of State.

In this connection we issued one ordinance creating Ambazonian Civil Defence Force to absorb our boys from Cameroun security forces, and another ordinance creating an interim Ambazonian government consisting of the 12 most important ministries. We will appoint persons to head the ministries only after consultations with the Civil Society Consortium which is leading the Home Front Activities.

Fellow Ambazonians together let us pray to our most merciful and everlasting Father almighty, to glorify Himself early by giving us victory sooner than later. This we pray in the name and through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ; Now and for evermore Amen. Thank you Father

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