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The Death Of A Collaborator: He Was The Defacto Military Commander




My fellow Ambazonians

My National Security team has now confirmed the death of Ekema Patrick, an Ambazonian citizen turned chief collaborator in the commission of the crime of genocide in Ambazonia and enabling the colonization of our homeland. Ekema Patrick has been a symbol of treachery and an inspiration to other collaborators and enablers big and small. The death of Ekema cannot be underestimated. He was the DeFacto military commander of Buea charged with enforcing colonial policies and ensuring the day to day disruption and terror on our population dedicated to the resistance. Ekema also represented the most visible and active collaborator resident within the homeland. He provided inspiration to many collaborators and enablers and to them he represented a great symbol of defiance against Ambazonia. He represented steadfastness in the face of hostility. He represented the effective control of our capital system and the greatest agent of terror against our population. Ekema was the fraudster who legalized the art of forgery and its survival within the system of occupation. His death is huge. His death represents a big blow to other evil forces and upcoming enablers.

Fellow Ambazonians

Ekema’s death is as a result of your continuous and sustained pressure. He lived guarded. He survived through a network of informants and criminal fraudsters who protected him for money. The pressure on people fighting good causes is high. The pressure on people defending evil causes is even ten times higher and it is just a matter of time before the negative energy knocks you down. However, his death is the highest blow to the colonial regime and a great victory for Ambazonia; a watershed moment in our struggle.

Ekema has gone down as a symbol of shame for all of us. A man who betrayed his country and died like a rat. His name will be wiped from our memory.

We must continue our preparation towards a complete takeover of our homeland and bring the remaining enablers and collaborators to justice, set the captives free and build the most powerful and prosperous nation in the face of the continent.

God Bless Ambazonia

Dr. Cho Ayaba

October 29, 2019

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