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Fighting Regionalism in Southern Cameroons



Evening Thoughts: Attack and Fight Regionalism

The struggle has been on for months now because we succeeded in killing that NW/SW nonsense divide. It is non existence. Anyone trying to bring such into this struggle MUST be fought day and night. He/she MUST be fought like never before. We are Southern Cameroonians and collectively we shall reclaim our lost state. We must never forget this.

Whatever actions you carry out in this struggle. Whatever steps you take, whatever words comes out from your mouth, all your moves must be guarded and geared towards one theme: Love for Southern Cameroons and putting the people’s interest first.

When we allow our daily actions being guided by the theme “freedom for Southern Cameroons” the sentimental attachment of who is a NW or SW which la Republique has succeeded in using for years to keep us apart will not be there. People are bound to make mistakes in any struggle, people are bound to work differently and to disagree but the moment we start attaching people’s differences or failures or actions to a certain NW or SW then it is bad and wrong. That is how the seed of division start growing. It is Ahidjo and Biya who brought this NW and SW. Southern Cameroons state never had that. We were known by counties and we were told somebody from Bamenda and Victoria counties could win elections in each other counties. The love shown at that time were superb, our parents disagreed based on principles and not on some nonsense called NW or SW. We must stop this.

We must safe the struggle and guard against those who are trying to remind us of our original sin from La Republique. We must learn from the past to know that division especially based on tribalism is a very bad thing, I mean very very very bad thing. Tribalism or call it in our case regionalism takes away our objective thoughts and make us slave to our own freedom and judgement. It kills the finest thoughts in us. We must rise against this and continue to shame La Republique.

Therefore, we must continue this winning struggle as Southern Cameroonians. We must learn to disagree within the Anglo Saxon culture. We must not disagree and invoke regionalism by pointing to person A or B. Yes, we have succeeded in killing regionalism and I call on you reading me today to attack anyone like a mad dog who tries to implant regionalism in this struggle. Such individuals are worst than La Republique. It is a dangerous cankerworm that we must use blades to clean it out and throw it shelves into river mungo.

The winning struggle continues

Mark Bareta
From Bui County
Southern Cameroons

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