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Ambazonia Anthem: Lyrics and Sound



Southern Cameroons or Ambazonia as some people will like to call it had its independence on 1st October 1961 by joining an independent La Republique Du Cameroun who gained independence on 1st January 1960. Southern Cameroonians join the union on the status of a two states Federation- The West and the East States. However, within the years they have seen the erosion from the Federal Republic of Cameroon to the United Republic of Cameroon and now United Republic of Cameroon-the name La Republique had at independence.

Since the 1990’s Anglophones have complaint about marginalisation and the faulty spirit of the Union. The All Anglophone Conference in 1993 and 1994 which called for the return of Federalism failed as Government gave a dead ear. The movement transformed to Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC with only objective as the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence.

As a result of this, the movement since then has developed a flag, motto, passport, anthem and all structures which they will need once the restoration of Southern Cameroons Independence is evident. To them, having these structures are a sign of defiance to the present status quo.

The anthem is below-listen

Freedom land Allodium glorious,
King of kings Divine, Thy name we praise
Defend Thou our sovereign land
Break every sword of spite and scorn
And lead us forth uncowered by fear
When our fight of honour is over.
Let our song of triumph fill the sky
And our faith and steadfast courage
Firm as the mighty rock
Win from they hand the crown of victory.

Freedom march, songs of liberty,
Set our banner fluttering in a prosperous wind,
By thy bountiful hand, raise this land of freedom
To exult among the nations proud and free.
O’er the vales from shore to Ako
From the surging waves of Ambas Bay
From the rocks and hill of Buea
To the heights of Kilum mountain
Let Africa’s voice in freedom song
Rise to sublime heights and magnify
Thee our God and great defender
Grant us in the end to bequeath
In peace and unity
A heritage whole and undefiled.

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God is still saying something

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