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President Paul Biya, Cameroun dictator who was forced to cut his
‘short’ stay abroad after more than a month as a result of the ESEKA train incident(It has claimed more than 150 lives and 600 more wounded) has issued his heartfelt condolences to the victims and those who lost love ones.

Earlier in a Facebook post on his wall, President Biya wrote “My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families of the #CAMRAIL train derailment in #Eseka. Over 70 passengers died and 600 wounded in the accident. I instructed the government to provide full assistance to the survivors, while investigations will be made to determine the cause of the derailment.#Cameroon.”

Cameroonians on social media have shown so much anger against the current regime as a result of this accident most especially as the President was still lavishing in Europe. Forced to avoid a media backlash, President Biya immediately returned home on Sunday 23rd October and addressed the nation in the afternoon.

“I have ordered a deep investigation to determine the causes of the accident.” Paul Biya said. He expressed his condolences to all victims and families. He also declared that all treatment for the affected will be covered by the state.

It should be noted that those affected are currently treated in Yaounde and Douala reports suggest. The President in his addressed assured Cameroonians that investigations will be launched to know the exact causes. However, BaretaNews notes that this is not the first time disasters had stroked Cameroon. Most investigations launched end up in the drawers with no action taken to punish the necessary service for negligence and/or take care of the victims as well as engaging in proactive actions.

The President went on to call on Cameroonians to show courage and be calm . “I ask Cameroonians to show courage, dynamism, and will,” Paul Biya said.

Politicians across the board have been condemning the government. President Biya from Europe declared Monday, 24th October 2016 a morning day. However, Cameroonians are worried that some heads must go because this ESEKA disaster could be avoided. Nfor Hanson, Cameroon Equinox Journalist wrote:

” It is documented that transport minister said he has instructed CAMRAIL to take special measures to transport Cameroonians and one of the special measures we all saw last Friday. Extra Coaches were added to Locomotive which could carry only 9 coaches.Victims explain how tickets got finish and they were served some supplementary ones in the name of tickets. That most tickets had 3000FCFA but you had to pay 6000FCFA to decide whether to sit or stand.Vendors made brisk business but forgot that over overload was going to be disaster ahead.So, Transport minister in a normal country has to resign, CAMRAIL General Manager has to resign, Yaounde Branch, Manager or Supervisor has to resign, Public works minister has to resign, Communication minister has to resign ”

BaretaNews agree with Hanson because extra coaches were added without thinking of what could happen. We, however, await government investigation though Cameroonians trust on Government investigations and communique has been shattered and lost.

God is still saying something.

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