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North West in Shock: Free For All Caskets




The Cameroons community both home and abroad is in big shock over the stocking of caskets for any government officials who passes on to the next life. The people of Donga-Mantung in NW got up on Thursday , 9th June 2016 with a truck loaded with caskets. The caskets will be delivered to all those government officials who will eventually “kick the bucket”.

The truck was spotted at Nkambe Finance Complex. The DO for Donga Mantung, Nkambe, claimed he only noticed the caskets parked at the Finance complex early June 9, 2016. Reports say the Finance Controller for Ndonga Mantung championed the purchased of the coffins as they were to be offered for free to any government worker who dies.

BaretaNews noted that this is a surprising and mocking move from government agents. Are the people so poor to the extent that they cannot provide caskets should they die? Is that how the G
overnment plans of compensating her citizens who put so much work to serve the people? What does this say about the services government renders its people? What about putting in place policies that will make retired officers live longer, collect their pension in due time without so much bureaucracy?

It is vexing that at a time the region and the Cameroons people are asking for better health care services, access to clean water and electricity, roads and other reforms that could make the life of the Cameroonian people better, government agents and officers instead to request for things which could benefit the people and the living, are instead piling trucks of casket to facilitate the death of its people. This move alone signifies ill luck to the region. The government has virtually abandoned its people. Such a move must be condemned by the Cameroons people.

God is still saying something.

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