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The flyer put out by UNICEF on the Cameroons is a piece of garbage meant to align UNICEF info with propaganda from Colonial Cameroun. The authors refuse to speak the truth. Here is how far off from the truth this piece of thrash is:

1. UNICEF cannot even admit the fact that on 30 November 2017, Dictator Paul Biya of La Republique, declared WAR on Ambazonians whom he described as “secessionists” and “terrorists”, pledging to hunt down and kill everyone of them – in other words, exterminate them.

2. UNICEF shows glaring proof of bad faith by putting out this flyer on 8 June 2018 still claiming therein that what the military have been sent in to do and are doing in Ambazonia is not WAR but “a CRISIS in the making”. How did a full fledged WAR declared on state-run media become a CRISIS “in the making”?

3. To make matters worse, UNICEF hatches and tells more, unadulterated LIES! What UNICEF calls “a CRISIS in the making” has resulted in “at least 425 people killed, including 142 civilians”. It is still “in the making”, yet….

4. If you believe UNICEF, more soldiers have been killed in this “crisis in the making” compared to “innocent civilians”. Only 142 civilians killed! Compared to nearly 300 soldiers, police and gendarmes! Talk of lies, world without end!

5. UNICEF also claims that 600 people have been arrested. As with the dead, whose numbers the UN agency simply makes up, UNICEF fails to consult numbers provided by anyone else. For example, Amnesty International said in its report after 1 October 2017, that over 500 were arrested and packed into prison cells like sardines in Buea alone.

6. You may have thought UNICEF would be getting involved because they care about children, their welfare and their education. UNICEF disabused you of thinking thus. UNICEF cares more for the political manipulation that is masked in this leaflet than caring for children (which is UNICEF’s mandate). The flyer either publishes no details at all or provides erroneous facts on everything having to do with children. For example, the flyer does not say how many children have been killed. UNICEF does not care enough to bother to find out. On children arrested, UNICEF merely claims that it is an “unknown number of children” who have been arrested. It also says nothing of the children who have been rendered homeless as a result of their homes being razed in the scourged-earth practices that have burnt 80+ entire villages to the ground. Further, the UNICEF flyer states that the number of children out of school in Ambazonia is 32,900. Only? Really? Are you for real, UNICEF? Who does not know that hundreds of thousands of children are out of school in Ambazonia?

UNICEF worldwide likes to pride itself as the organization which “makes children’s rights happen”. Given the shame that this flyer is, it has to be said that UNICEF in Colonial Cameroon is the organization which “makes the rights of (Ambazonian) children disappear”.

It is a big shame but no surprise coming from the United Nations. A senior staff at the UN Refugee Agency in Yaounde called for the killing of Ambazonians and is still on staff. Your boss in New York accepts “golden statute” (how can we not say bribes?) and what we get is the United Nations turning a blind eye on rights violations. The blood of innocent Ambazonians, especially the blood of our children, will haunt every one of you all the way into the Fire of Hell. And may God Almighty, in rendering justice, not have mercy on your souls!


Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

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  1. MOG

    July 5, 2018 at 10:57 AM

    Senior Comrade, Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert, I can only say AMEN to your conclusion and then add a few comments. There is no doubt that most of these International Organizations have become instruments of oppression of the downtrodden by governments and other oppressive organizations that can adequately rub their lips. We know LRC as the world’s champion in bribing their way through. Those staff members who sit in those offices are first of all seeking after their interests before anything else. LRC knows this well and can always dole out heavy amounts into their accounts to write in their favour. We on GZ are even praying the Devil to condemn and double the punishment of these corrupt International Organizations like UNICEF. If it were possible for LRC to bribe God, they would do so without any scruple of conscience to keep Anglophones as their slaves, but sorry for them. God had long declared that like His children the Israelites, the Anglophones must be freed from this evil, corrupt, blood-drinking regime led by biya. Anyone trying any dirty game finds himself/herself exposed. Can’t they see that happening every time? God is showing the signs that His people must go! UNICEF can go on with their conspiracy, but it will take them to nowhere; it can’t kill the Anglophone spirit to be free! UNICEF is even an unnecessary distraction.


    July 5, 2018 at 3:43 PM




  3. Calvin Stubbington

    July 5, 2018 at 7:19 PM

    UNICEF is a UN creation of criminal freemasons that uses the cloak of philanthropy to disguise its true purpose!!!

    • Shillah

      July 5, 2018 at 8:55 PM

      Wat will u call open society of George Soros that u guys r inventing into the Cameroonian crisis? U ambazozo praise these organisations when they r u mouth piece ” ammistie international or Mr Balla crock organisations” but when these people contradict u u label them corrupt. These ambazozo will never to wanda me.

      • Bibi Stella

        July 5, 2018 at 11:30 PM

        You too is an ambazuzuu.
        Thus though you argue here, deep in your marrows, you reason like an ambazuzu

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Mancho Bibixy: OF Peaceful One Who Preach Injustice And Regime Designated Terrorist-Video







This Sunday morning, we pay homage to Bibixy Mancho, a man of peace, a human rights defender, a man who denounced the poor working conditions of LRC’s policemen. Mancho decried injustice against all. But today, the very same people who he protected from and angry, marginalised people have turned around to massacre our people.

He said, ‘the police are here to protect you… even the police are suffering these same things …’ .

Mancho held a bible and preached peace and development. LRC to thank him declared him a terrorist.

Brethren, do not lose hope. Falter not. The testimony of Mancho’s case is one powerful justification among hundreds of others. Our people have suffered. We have throughout this informal union with Yaounde paid the top prize to make that country work. We paid with the blood of our fathers, mothers, children and friends. Our communities were robbed of our resources. We’ve been tortured. We’re broken like clay pots. We gave them education, resources, a proper language, political freedoms, human rights … we showed them the route to another world far apart from scams Paris had locked them in.

Mancho during early days of protest

Today they call us terrorists. Isn’t it funny? The same fellows who organised a genocide against bamilekes and bassas, a fratricide which prompted our statesmen from West Cameroon to invest all their political capital to save their people. We hosted thousands of their refugees and protected them from the bloody hands of Yaounde and Paris. … Our formidable hospitality created what they refer to as the 11th province.

Brethren, we bring you these thoughts so you can remember the nature of the heart of the Yaounde regime.

Be not troubled. God has seen their treachery. He has seen how your good heart overflowing with kindness has been repaid repeatedly with evil. Southern Cameroons Ambazonia, the Lord has decided to free you.

On this day of the Lord, pray for heroes whose blood is bearing the land, pray for the mourning nation of Ambazonia, pray for recent martyrs like Rev Fr Sob, pray for our mothers who are now also our fathers, pray for our people competing for space with animals in the bush, pray for our leaders in colonial jail – Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and his cabinet, pray for those who currently lead us and those who are actively defending our human rights on the ground and our right to #SelfDetermination.

Do not be afraid.

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The ‘Anglophone’ Community is still in shock following the death of Rev. Father Alexander Sob, Parish Priest of Bomaka Local Government Area, Buea Diocese, Fako County. Father Sob passed on to glory yesterday in Muyuka Local Government Area as a result of gunshots. The Catholic church Vicar General Father Asek this morning released a statement announcing the death of Father Sob indicating that he was shot without details as to whose bullets did Father Sob bowed out of this earth. However, the how and the ways he died is still dangling in the tongues of the people of Ambazonia, Christians and family members as many versions are coming up. Ray Timah, Southern Cameroons Political Scientist presents an accurate eyewitness account which indicates Father Sob was deliberately shot at by La Republique Du Cameroun Soldiers. Ray Timah was speaking to a Muyuka Denizen who drove Father Sob to the hospital as he gave up the ghost. You may want to read on


Father Sob was shot at close range by the Military. I have spoken to an eyewitness who gave a vivid account about the incident. He maintained that Father Sob was no where near his Mothers house at the time of the unfortunate incident. Rev. had stopped in front of popular store known as ” CY STORE” around the Muyuka main park. His intention was to wait for the tense atmosphere between the Military and restoration forces to die down as gunshots could be heard from afar.

Father Sob

A few minutes later, a group of military men approaches his parked car and asked him to take down his windscreen. In the course of doing that, an officer open fire directly to his chest. Note that he was shot twice at two different positions through the screen on the drivers side. They shot him and left and the owner of the shop who had taken cover as a result of the gunshot attempted to rescue Father Sob.
He was moved to the passenger side of the same car he was shot in and transported to the hospital which was already late.

The Eyewitness added..” Nothing occurred like a stray bullet or crossfire. As a matter of fact, no exchange of gunfire was around CY store at the time of the incident. The area was a safe zone at the time, that is why Rev chose to park there for his safety. He was murdered. It was intentional. The position of the two bullet wounds could be seen on his right and left side of his chest. That tells a lot.”

Death Announcement

What caught my attention

The picture on the Facebook wall of Father Sob caught my attention. You can see him smiling directly behind Jacque Fame Ndongo during a celebration in Sasse . He never knew he was standing behind one the devil behind this war that cut his life short.
Rest in Peace Father.

Ray Timah




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Southern Cameroons Revolutionary Leaders Condemn Human Rights Watch Report On Cameroons Crisis







Southern Cameroons Revolutionary Leaders have condemned and criticised the recently release human rights reports in the ongoing war between La Republique Du Cameroun and the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas in a statement said the Human Rights Watch is a MOCKERY of investigative reporting. Meanwhile Dr. Akwanga Ebenezer described the Human Rights Watch as becoming ‘The Holy See’ of 2018, mimicking the Vatican whom during the course of World War II, erroneously sided with the Holocaust chief Architect, Adolf Hitler. To Dr. Akwanga, the Human Right Watch is tacitly siding with a tyrannical octogenarian whose penchant for Ambazonia blood holds no frontier!. BaretaNews brings to you details of their statements



Dear Soldiers of the Revolution,
The Human Rights Watch Report is a mockery of investigative reporting. It is hollow and paints a deminitive perspective of the brutality of the occupation. There is an ongoing genocide in Ambazonia characterized by acts of systematic brutality, torture and war crimes. All of these crimes are well documented and should get Biya and his Generals to an international Criminal institution. The Ambazonia Governing Council will be presenting counterfactuals to challenge the report and its unacceptable recommendations.

For more than 150 years, others have insisted to speak for us. First it was the British, then the Germans and then the British again and later Nigeria and then Cameroon. We have never had the chance to speak for ourselves and to represent our interest. We will henceforth speak for ourselves, paint our own reality and build and defend our own narratives. We have never been Cameroonians and so we are not separating from Cameroon. We are not Restorationist either, for Fon Dinka already restored our independence; affirmed in 1999 by Justice Ebong and cemented in 2017 by Seseko Ayuk Tabe. We are defending this independence and we will do so until the last Cameroon soldier and administrators are bundled out of Homeland.

Yesterday l watched a video wherein more than 1500 Ambazonian men, women, children, dance groups received the supreme General of the Ambazonia Defence Forces and and the installation of commanders of different brigades. The silent majority has started showing its power in the land of their birth. Ambazonia is finally ours and we must defend it to the bitter end. The promise of a better tomorrow in a land of equal opportunity and a responsible and accountable government based on the people’s consent is becoming a reality in our lifetime. It is all thanks to the unshakable resolve and focus of the NeverAgain Generation.

The defence of the homeland must remain our top priority. We must continue to make Ambaland ungovernable, increase the cost of the occupation and ensure that in the coming months no alien government and its collaborators dare attempt to use our territory for any electoral charade. As we strive for the recognition of our independence and statehood, taking control of territory must instruct the development of our strategies.I congratulate our people for initiating and enduring a few more days of ghost towns and the daring of our Defence Forces in enforcing the laws of the Homeland.I call on all of you who have doubted our unshakable resolve, questioned our strategy and contemplated our readiness to liberate and bequeath to the next generation a better country than we inherited to join me in this last phase of our struggle.
PHASE 4 in my mind.

God should protect all of you still standing and lift all those struggling so together as a people we should get to the promise land.
Leader Ambazonia Governing Council


Dr. Akwanga Ebenezer reacts


Shallow misunderstanding from people of goodwill (Human Rights Watch) especially in times of enormous crisis like the situation in my Homeland is outrightly outrageous and worse than blatant lies from people of bad faith (La Republique du Cameroun). During the course of World War II, the Vatican erroneously sided with the Holocaust chief Architect, Adolf Hitler. Today, through it’s latest ‘report’, Human Rights Watch has become ‘The Holy See’ of 2018, tacitly siding with a tyrannical octogenarian whose penchant for Ambazonia blood holds no frontier! SOCADEF, the SCYL and Ambazonians will not be cowed by malicious intentions of a human rights watchdog whose activities have only encouraged barbaric rulership, annexation and assimilation in the continent of Africa for decades. We will stand up to you! DR. EBENEZER D. AKWANGA

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