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New Aura of Judicial Proceedings envisaged after Ousting of Nera10’s lead counsel, Bar.John Fru Nsoh.



One of the pivotal moments Ambazonians had waited for was the relieve of the leadership role placed on Bar. John Fru Nsoh who has become controversial of recent. The highly professional legal guru took many by surprise in his recent media outings in America where he alleged that the President of Ambazonia, Sisiku Ayuk and co.incarcerated in the Yaoundé Kondegui Prison has been compromised. This without any evidence to backup his claims. Bar. Nsoh Fru’s moves to side with the Defunct Acting Interim Government of Ambazonia against Sisiku’s leadership while in Prison has brought alot to bear on the proper management of judicial affairs for Nera10 abductors.

Reason why, the vice Lead lawyer who is currently on Ground Zero, with the blessings of the entire Nera10 defense team, Tuesday June 18th in Yaoundé, capital city of La Republiquè after observing the effects on their clients, have disengaged themselves from Bar. John Fru strange behaviors.

This team of legal gentlemen describe Bar. Nsoh’s moves as Unprofessional, Unethical and Illegal and as such has declared that anything he does or says on behalf of the 10 accused persons is non procedural and substantive.

The new team leader, Bar. Paddy Yong is clear that their mission and objective now will be to stick to their job and bring justice to these accused leaders of Ambazonia. In a video except circulated online, he is flanked by two other gentlemen supposedly members of the legal team who endorsed the communique. This new blood into the legal business has reignited fresh impetus unto those who had already been broken by the dwindling legal process led by the respected Bar. John Nsoh.

It is important for Ambazonians to know that in such a situation, what guides our reasoning is not emotions but radical and critical thinking. Bar. Nsoh in all honesty could not have abandoned his clients in a legal court to undertake a political tournament abroad, truly it’s not professional. It should not be a lead counsel.

The stakes are high for the new legal leadership. The goal is simple, to get the leaders out of jail for the negotiations which President Sisiku has been alarming from that prison.

We will have to understand that in such a Struggle, everyone has a given task- Division of Labour, to enable efficiency. It’s only appropriate that, we all struggle to play our parts rightly and permit others do theirs, but with checks and balances. President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe remains the known leader of the Ambazonians. His name, personality and style alone incarnates a different momentum to our struggle. It’s only wise if we collectively remain under his leadership for now as we draw closer to the end of the struggle.

Ambazonians therefore await the new moves by Bar. Yong and co. to rescue the Nera10 and Ambazonians. They will communicate to us new court hearing days and we shall respond appropriately.

Sumelong Ekane

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  1. Agien NyanGkwe

    June 19, 2019 at 9:26 AM

    For those who know Barrister Fru Nsoh and his mercantilic behaviour in the SDF, there is nothing to Wonder around. From Inception, hé was as well very vocal as un this struggle, only to Ally with Tobbo Eyou, thé Government délégate of Douala,to sabotage “his” party. Hé was then pushed out. His vociferious outings on thé cause, thought genuine literally, was looked upon clinically by those who know him. Now thé car is out of the bag. Thé coming days will bé very revealing.

  2. Jon

    June 19, 2019 at 8:03 PM


  3. Mukong

    June 19, 2019 at 10:20 PM

    I hope we are not all beginning to develop the crab mentality.
    Yesterday, Ambazonians were in owe at the audacity of Barrister Fru Nsoh of telling the LRC criminal the truth without mincing words. Today he stands being vilified because he made the wrong judgement of aligning with Sarko.
    I am totally disappointed with Mr Milton Taka for being one of those who has orchestrated this campaign against the Barrister. When Sarko dare to say Milton has been removed from the government, you Milton dignified yourself as not to stoop low. I would have expected you to do same this time with the Barrister.
    When I see chiefs and CPDM slaves of the Southern Zone publicly asking the paramount chief of Victoria to take back a gift he gave to Ni John Fru Ndi, I cannot but begin to wonder who is in the pay of the Biya satanic cult to destroy Barrister Fru. Someone is still to tell me what is wrong when a statement is made that President Sisiku has been compromised. We have to understand human frailty and avoid turning individuals to being infallible.
    Since when did a problem between President Sisiku Tabi and Sarko/Anu become a Barrister Fru problem?
    Let us stay focus on the problems facing the Ambazonian people and avoid this “crab mentality” or worse acting like an Elephant in a corn field

  4. Mbeuh

    June 19, 2019 at 10:57 PM

    And what is this obsession with power that is driving Sisiku to dissolve the IG and appoint a new one from his prison cell when he should be concerned with his defense and how to free all Ambazonians incarcerated in LRC. How different are we from the dictatorial leadership of murderer Paul Biya if AyukTabe’s behavior is endorsed by the faction that support him? For over a year that AyukTabe was locked up, a caretaker government under Samuel Ikome stirred the ship of state, however imperfect, with many gains. What suddenly happened? Why not input your advice to Sako from time to time and work together to hasten our march to Buea? If this is not making us the laughing stock of Etoudi, the French and indeed the whole world I wonder what else is. Let us straighten our act, harness all efforts and save this revolution which AyukTabe himself said is bigger than any one person. Short live the struggle, long live Ambazonia.

  5. Jon

    June 20, 2019 at 7:22 AM


    Civilised societies, especially Western Nations, DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS, and SISIKU et al. ARE TERRORISTS. And the Government of Cameroon will NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH AMBAZONIA TERRORISTS. Many ambazonia terrorists are being neutralized in the “battlefields” and the CAMEROON DEFENCE AND SECURITY FORCES ARE SLOWLY, STEADILY, BUT SURELY TURNING THE TIDE. That is why the Governor of the North West Region of CAMEROON has LIFTED THE CURFEW THAT HAS BEEN IN PLACE FOR 8 MONTHS; PEACE AND SECURITY ARE RETURNING TO THE REGION. Those ambazonia terrorists who are captured alive from the “battlefields” and those extradited like Sisiku et al., will have their day in court (and they are having their day in court – Yaoundé Military Court).

    I am not an ALAN DERSHOWITZ (Harvard Professor), the BEST-KNOWN CRIMINAL LAWYER IN THE WORLD, the TOP LAWYER OF LAST RESORT in the USA, the BEST LEGAL MIND IN THE USA, AND ONE OF THE BEST LEGAL MINDS IN THE WORLD. However, given a PROPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE against Sisiku et al., they will be found GUILTY OF TEERORISM OFFENCES and each one of them will RECEIVE THE DEATH PENALTY according to SECTIONS 2, 3, & 5 of the Law on the Suppression of Acts of Terrorism in Cameroon (Law No. 2014/028 of 23 December 2014) – SECTION 2: ACTS OF TERRORISM – Death penalty; SECTION 3: FINANCING OF ACTS OF TERRORISM – Death penalty; and SECTION 5: RECRUITMENT AND TRAINING – Death penalty.


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