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Stern Warning From IG Communication Secretary Against Election Partakers






In a press release to the public by the Secretary of Communication Chris Anu on Thursday, March 22, he unequivocally stated how the Interim Government is aware of the colonial government’s intent to pull a ”fast election” in the territory of Ambazonia in spite of the ban placed on any foreign elections on its territory.

Elections billed for Sunday, March 25th is being secretly conducted in certain communities within the Ambazonia territory. Lebialem county, for instance, the colonial Divisional Officer together with his entourage were ambushed while returning from a polling station in a village called Esoh-Atah.

The Secretary of Communication is calling on all Ambazonians to be on the lookout against this ”outlawed and criminal act” of elections to be held in the territory of Ambazonia by La Republique due Cameroun. He warns every ”wannabe Senator and Councilor” wanting to vote to be put under round-the-clock surveillance. Urging the monitoring of their whereabouts between now and Monday.

Chris Anu, reiterated that the Interim Government’s position on the elections to be organized by La Republique in the territory of the Southern Cameroons, Ambazonia to be ”illegal and constitute” what he calls ”an infringement of our sovereignty as a people and as a nation”. He issued a warning to Senators, Regional Councilors, and Councilors vying as candidates, those who’ve put money and power over the ”total freedom” of the Southern Cameroons and the future of Ambazonian children to decide where their allegiance lies after Sunday’s elections.

A clear message was sent to senatorial aspirants from all political parties who defy instructions will have themselves to blame.

All through the course of this crisis, homes, villages have been burnt to the ground, people-old people roasted in their own homes by La Republique’s soldiers. Brothers and sisters have been killed and buried in mass graves. Some 3000 others are wallowing behind bars, Sisiku AyukTabe, Tassang Wilfred and others are still incommunicado and after more than 2 months, they are yet to be charged with a crime.

Questioning to ”patriotic duty” of his fellow compatriots who see the so-called elections more important than the blood of those who’ve died, those behind bars and the children out of school. Chris Anu of the Interim Government dared defaulters with the message ”if you are not for us, you are against us. Business, as usual, is over.”



Neba Benson,

BaretaNews Foreign Correspondent/Analyst

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