Amba Refugees in Nigeria Should Be Given The North Korean ‘Hate’ Mentality

Ambazonians Mass Protest



Manyu County in the Southern zone of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has come under complete military crackdown as colonial President Paul Biya declared war on the peaceful people of Southern Cameroons. As such over 6,000 more refugees have arrived Nigeria fleeing military atrocities including but not limited to rape, beating, confiscation of mobile phones, arrest and mass abduction.

BaretaNews is told colonial General Elokobi Daniel who hails from Manyu is at the forefront Leading the carnage against his own people. What is certain about the danger of betrayal is that Judas Iscariot never Live long enough to see the resurrection he thought he could frustrate but inadvertently helps to foster it. Those that have been forced to abandoned their homes, crops etc to become refugees will for ever hate La Republique, not by our doing but by the doing of La Republique itself. We must like the North Koreans nurse and grow these ‘hatreds’ into something positive to sufficiently hate anything Cameroun thereby transforming that hatred into defending and sustaining Ambazonia.   These men and women if well coordinated will become a mighty army that will take La Republique down and foster the Independence as soon as now. The interim Government now has over 20,000 of its people in Nigeria. This is a great opportunity to begin a well coordinated Leadership governing the people as a people of Ambazonia thus making sure they have a place to sleep, something to eat and do while keeping them busy. The IG may need volunteers to help teach them craft, computer lessons, programming and technology,  the true history of Ambazonia, its anthem etc. There should be volunteers going to Nigeria in turns maybe monthly to impact this knowledge to our people. Having a mix population of different age groups in Nigeria under the leadership of the IG will supplant to great effect in the future as they will return home when all is over fully prepared to unleash the dragon and help beef up other counties. It is good to know that already the refugees in Nigeria see the IG and delegations visiting them as their government and people. More will have to be done in this regard because we have a pool of ready made Ambazonians who can engage in different aspects to secure Ambazonia. That victory will begin from Manyu

Ashu Kingsley, an Ambazonian activist wrote “I spend 4 years as a refugee and I am still one till date.The anger of what propel the condition never dies.I long for the Independence of Ambazonia like a deer pangs for streams of water. The colonial SDO under the order of Biya Paul order the genocide and force evacuation of over 45,000 people from 15 villages is completely unacceptable. Therefore, this anger in me like others should propel us to something big, to defend and protect our territorial integrity”

It should be noted that when the Colonial troops numbering over 15 trucks arrived Manyu,  they began beating people in Bassogabang and Akwaya. Today they have moved to Ekok, Otu, Agborkem German, Nsanarakati, Esagem, Nsanakang, Ndebaya etc causing untold suffering. An Eyewitness- E. Raymond told disclosed to us. The Invading forces also came to Ossing Village and fired sporadically in the air.

As a direct consequence of the ongoing genocide at least 6,000 More refugees from these villages have fled to Nigeria. Others are still in the forests trekking for days to  Nigeria to seek safety. This is how the Colonial Government in Yaounde have decided to treat Southern Cameroonians demanding for the Peaceful Restoration of Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia Independence. In the past 2 months at least 500 Southern Cameroonians had been killed by Biya Paul. A Peaceful Referendum organised by the UN may the only solution.

Mark Bareta with contributions from Ashu Kingsley

Otto Ama


  1. Malis

    December 5, 2017 at 12:02 AM

    This is what happen to the so called European Jews and look at what they are today. We have a bright future ahead of us despite all the signs of horror.

    When ever one of the own is put to destroy his own, then you know something great and phenomenal is about to happen.

    We should never forget our brothers and sisters who have shown extraordinary courage, bravery, courage and dignity. We shall forever keep them special.

    • Fotoh Paul Ebong

      December 5, 2017 at 8:14 AM

      I do not think so. The comparism is false because the Jews have 4000 years of civilisation and history and they have the support of America.
      Few years ago our people are still moving naked, no technological development, no strong historical linkage, no support from strong states whereas the oppressor is supported by people who sit at the UN security council and decide the fate of the world.

      The inventions of Jews and knowledge base made them the invisible managers of the world. we can only cry and die out because the hawks are on us.

      But we can be optimistic only if we regroup and recognise we must fight it out together.

  2. Mukong

    December 5, 2017 at 6:02 PM

    Saying that the Jews have 4000 years of history is an attempt to obfuscate the rich narrative of the African history in favour of the imperialistic lies. We know that the world has refused to accept the brilliant anthropological skills of the Dogons of Mali that date back to 3200Bc.
    Moreover, today everyone is talking about the Jews, while forgetting that the Jews are just one of what was the Twelve tribes of Israel. Have we stop to ask ourselves what happened to the other Eleven tribes?
    Furthermore, before the construction of the Suez Canal, do we forget that the area of Sinai and beyond used to be North East Africa populated by Nubians who today have been pushed to almost obscurity in the South of Egypt?
    The above historical inconsistencies should be a warning to those amongst us who are ambivalent about this genocidal campaign by LRC on Ambazonians, because those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it. Ahidjo manipulated our parents and today we cannot let LRC get away with its crime against humanity on our people.

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