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Southern Cameroons Today’s Devotion: Marching to Victory



We have come a long way since October 2016 when this struggle started. However, we should remind ourselves that this struggle started since 1972 when President Ahidjo organised a fraud in the name of a 20th May to collapsed a federation our parents agreed. A Federation wherein the Southern Cameroons state parliament did not even approve its constitution. The political coup of Southern Cameroons started as far back in 1961 with the help of France and Great Britain. It should be recalled that the problem only started in 1972 and build up to this day. The quest for independence did not start today. The only difference is that the android generation has taken it to another level and most importantly it is God appointed time.

The fact is that the Cameroons will never be the same again. This is the reason all Southern Cameroonian born of a woman must boycott the fraud of a 20th May. Our lone major Party with base from Southern Cameroons, the SDF had declared that 20th May was/is a fraud, we expect to see the party marching words to action this year by leading the boycott.

This morning I want to call on Southern Cameroonians to understand that in no political movement or revolution are you going to have 100 percent voices supporting the struggle. Many will have different views or path ways to the struggle, these persons should not be crucified but they should be monitored and largely ignored so that they don’t pollutes the atmosphere. Do not be weaken when you read from these voices knowing that you can’t have 100 percent supporting the struggle and its objectives, be happy and rejoice that the most important aspect is that majority agrees with the stance of independence and the majority should concentrate on strategies on how to get there. The majority should ignore greatly the voices of the minority whose aim is to derail, weakened the spirit , cause division etc. The majority should use their might both on and off the social media to crush any dissenting voices by ignoring them or intellectually challenging them to the lies they spurred out.

Be it as it may, the benefits of the struggle be it in short or long terms shall be enjoyed by all. As we speak, CPDM officials and their families are already enjoying some of the cosmetic reforms being offered and many other reforms will still enjoyed by them. Our only enjoyment will come when we have our freedom, when we can freely hold our leaders to account in a free independent state, when we can confidently apply for a job and know that you will get it by merits, when we can freely elect our leaders from Governors to Prime Minister, when we are sure that no colonial SDO or DOs will lord over us, when we can use our own airports and sea ports, when we can travel to areas within Southern Cameroons in few minutes without going through another country, when we shall have a free University system which embodies a real academic environment void of politics, when our MPs will hold town halls to talk and explain to his or her constituencies what he or she is doing, when we can benefits from our resources and royalties, when we can leave the University and be ready for job market; Yes, this is the only period we shall benefits.

However, the roads shall be thorny, all these shall not come easily. In order for us to get there, we must put the interest of Southern Cameroons first, we must put the struggle first, we must understand that it is not a day job, we must consolidate our strong points and work on our weaknesses , we must avoid sabotaging or promoting sabotaging, we must know what we send out into the social media, we must incur the necessary pains, we must speak to ourselves if what we send out be it in writing or videos promotes the struggle or cause unnecessary debates which only divides the people more, we must learn to talk to each other behind the scenes, we must speak to ourselves that we are doing this for our children and above all we must fight with all strength in us using all means available to defend motherland Southern Cameroons.

Let this morning devotion be an inspiration to all those who are reading me to refocus, let it inspire the weak to rise up and not allow any man to take away your freedom to defend the struggle, let it halt the sabotage surrogates to stop any smearing campaign, and finally let it make us thirsty and hungry for freedom, that freedom that will push you to see the struggle succeeds. This is the type of hunger we yearn today and now.

Above all remember, Ghost towns continues Monday 8th May. Please, do not relent, spread the ghost towns messages by text. Inform a friend today, inform a taxi driver, an Okada driver, a business operator that giving one day of 7 days to the struggle is our own cross we must carry and follow Jesus if we want to see Freedom.

Finally let us continue to pray for the release of our leaders and people in jail. Their release will largely depend on the ground game. We must maintain the ground game, ensure schools remained closed, observe ghost towns etc so that we empower them in jail. Let’s all tweet #FreeAllArrested today and tag media and institutions. Our people need to be out.

Let the Southern Cameroons be free.

Thank you.

Mark Bareta
Bui County
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individuals.

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