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Formation of Interim Southern Cameroons PM: Tapang Ivo, Freethinker Disagrees



I really do not have a problem with the formation of governments by any other group fighting for this struggle. But here are Tapang’s takes:

1. The amount of energy we spend forming governments should be invested in taking off the existing government. At this time, there is no swift harmonized coordination. A few groups are just quick to set up governments, perhaps at their own internal decision-making processes, but no one of them has gained control over the peoples nor an inch of territory in Southern Cameroons. What we need now is a harmonized strategy even if we have diverse means to an end.

2. Because we have not killed the roaming elephant and given the ongoing efforts to enforce unity in diversity among all groups, creating governments now will only divide further and not unite. We should not invite distractions at this stage.

3. The creation of governments is no joke nor a child’s place. First, it takes into consideration the leader of the body creating the government and if that leader wields a generalized legitimacy over the people? At this stage, we are only trying to establish our legitimacy. So let us not scatter what we are trying to gather.

4. Yes, cabinet members are appointed but governments are elected. Couldn’t it be suggested that we, collectively, elect a government first after we must have killed that elephant? That elected government will then appoint its Ministers and PM and other state officials.

5. A proxy government is great but should have a broad-base representation. This can only be done in a participatory political fashion. The people back home should be able to freely vote online and articulate their own interests. Setting up governments in the diaspora would not adequately represent ground action or voices on the ground.

*** I am only a freethinker and a solution-oriented critic. Tapang Ivo Tanku

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