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Southern Cameroons Struggle Inflicting Economic Cost On La Republique








Southern Cameroons struggle inflicts economic crisis on La republique du Cameroun.

Two credible sources in cameroon have drawn to our attention the existence of an economic crisis in La republique du cameroun. A close military contact in la republique has informed BaretaNews that their pay has been suspended with the government claiming the country is suffering from economic crisis. The source claims that everyone is afraid to protest against the move because of the harsh treatments dished out to other military men that were protesting in the north last months due to unpaid salaries. The same words were echoed by another close contact who works for the national employment fund. We learn that the government is barely able to pay salaries and all other projects that require funding to be disbursed from Yaounde have been suspended. Recalled that La Republique keeps spending hugely in Southern Cameroons since October 2016 to maintain the crisis. The struggle is taking a tool on La Republique defense spending and considering the fact that taxes from Southern Cameroons are not forth coming as it used to be. Already, the Cameroon Bar has been crippled.


Recall that in June, the IMF gave Cameroon a loan of 390 billion frs CFA to help them tackle the situation. This happens to be the fourth time Cameroon is receiving such loan from the IMF since the Southern Cameroons struggle began. This has become so alarming to the point that lying issa Tchiroma had to explain to the press the reason for the latest loan. Interestingly, Cameroon has very good connections to the IMF through the former French Finance Minister Mr Christine Lagarde, who is now the Managing Director of the IMF. She visited Cameroon in December 2016. The reason why IMF continues to do this is because Cameroon is the heart of France’s cashcow CEMAC, and as such any instability in Cameroon could have a ripple effect in their ability to maintain the enslavement currency called francs CFA. So watch out for another loan from the IMF to Cameroon in the next 2 months.

Good people of Southern Cameroons, your actions are gradually bring your oppressor to its knees. Even anglophone ‘elites’ that support your oppressors are ready to go down on their knees to protect the system that benefits them. Keep taking actions, individually or collectively, to ensure that your oppressor cannot govern in your land and they cannot continue steal your resources (timber, fuel, mineral, etc) to develop their country. The international law is on your side, any action you take is fully justified.

The biggest leverage you have over LRC is fuel. Have you ever thought that if no refined petroleum products leave from SONARA to LRC all cars, okadas, CAMAIR-CO plains, and hundreds of business in LRC will come to a halt? Only then will Francophones start to feel the pain you feel.


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