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Active Genocide In Southern Cameroons- Hon Wirba Fact Finding Confirms








Hon. Joseph Wirba Makes public Findings on September 22nd and October 1st Massacre in Southern Cameroons

The fiery Social Democratic Front (SDF) Member of Parliament for Jakiri special Constituency in Bui County of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, Hon Wirba Joseph, has made public the findings of an investigation committee he set up and chaired, to investigate the ruthless massacre of peaceful Southern Cameroonians on the 22nd September and 1st October, 2017 by the imperial forces of La Republique du Cameroon.

The findings revealed that a total of 122 armless and innocent civilians were massacred in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia on September 22nd and October 1st during the peaceful independence restoration protests/celebrations. However, BaretaNews challenges that this number is still very small.

Hon Wirba revealed that he had personally set up a fact finding committee after those deadly incidents. The committee which had representatives in all 13 Counties of Ambazonia, was made up of 15 men, with him as Chairman, and with a mandate to thoroughly investigate the number of deaths, missing, arrested and displaced.

The committee ascertained that 122 Ambazonians (Southern Cameroonians) were slaughtered by President Paul Biya colonial forces, 150 still missing, 1894 injured by direct gun shots or torture and at least 16 000 cases of internal displacements. Nothing seem to have been mentioned about the number arrested. However, Amnesty International, had in her own report put the numbers arrested at above 500 citizens.

The SDF MP, who was also alleged to have resigned from the Hands Clapping House, equally mentioned that the UN has on records over 40 000 Southern Cameroonians who have fled violence and are now seeking refugees status in the Cross River State of Nigeria alone.

According to Wirba, the death toll from the colonial military crackdown was “Appalling for a country that calls itself peaceful and its people as united, in peace”.

He maintained that, an all inclusive conference by Southern Cameroonians is necessary for them to put forward their position to the colonial government on the form of the State.

It is important to recall that Hon. Wirba is one of those Southern Cameroonian stakeholders who have been so vocal about the enslavement of Southern Cameroonians by La Republique du Cameroon. His fiery outbursts in the kangaroo Parliament in the course this crisis shall remain critical references for history lessons in Southern Cameroons and beyond. He is also one of those who had alerted the UN of an impending genocide in the Southern Cameroons, prior to the October, 1st celebrations of the independence restoration of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

It is the position of BaretaNews that Southern Cameroonians all over the world must not let this sleep, Southern Cameroons Communities in the diaspora must continue protest in embassies to show case the genocide actually going in Southern Cameroons, the displacement of refugees in Neigbouring Nigeria in their thousands, dead corpses discovered in Buea with known mass graves are issues we cannot let go. BaretaNews therefore calls on all sons and daughters to put the last week controversies behind and restart the campaign to tell the world what our suffering people are going through. The UN must take its place.

Agbor James

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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