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Southern Cameroons October 1st Massacre: Cohabitation Is Done





October 1st Massacre in Southern Cameroons: Cohabitation is over

If you are a true Southern Cameroonian who still think we can continue cohabiting with the evil and cursed La Republic du Cameroon in a decentralized state, then it is time you better just become one of their citizens and forget about Southern Cameroons. If you are a true Southern Cameroonian (whether in government or not, highly placed or not) who has been sitting on the fence all through the one year of this crisis, then it is time to define yourself and let us know where you stand now or never. If you are a Southern Cameroonian who believes in a return to the post 1961 federal structure, then align your energy for this struggle with the nationalists for now because you will loss nothing in a restored state of Southern Cameroons. If you are a Southern Cameroonian at home or in the diaspora who has been completely against this struggle (upholding the status quo), then, the time has come for you to oppose it from the background and not come to the public because you may become an enemy of the people for life (though you have the right to your opinion). The time has come for the people of Southern Cameroons to know our enemies and our friends. Its either you are with the people or you are against the people. There is no middle ground position. The time for liberal debates is over. Now is the time for extreme positions in this crisis. Its either you are with Paul Biya and Isa Tchiroma or you are with the majority people of Southern Cameroons.

I have taken time to outline the above cations as an eye witness to what took place in Southern Cameroons on October 1st 2017 and beyond. It is a very bitter and choking experience for the people to swallow. There is no middle ground solution that can calm the angry nerves. You may say it had happened elsewhere before and the people reconciled and continued living together. But, I must say that their cases were different from our case. If you consider what we are fighting for, how we started one year ago, and you were on ground on October 1st, then you’ll better understand what I am talking about.

Barrister Enow Riddley, Engineer Benjamin Amin and Mr. Ngu Terence (L-R) shot and killed by military forces in Kumba and Ikiliwindi(Ngu)

Before then, LRC’s Minister of Communications had boasted in one of his propaganda conferences that they will shed blood to prevent Cameroun from separating (if only Cameroun has been one Country according to UN resolutions). The Colonial governor of Buea had described Southern Cameroonians as dogs that must be chained at home or they come out on the streets and be killed. That if the people took them by surprise and protested peacefully on the 22nd September, they were prepared for them on the 1st of October. Their surrogates like Jean Jack Zeh, of Vision 4 television, Nadine Njoya of UNHCR and others had called for the total and complete elimination of the separatist generation in the Cameroons. Their Southern Cameroons slave boy, the nincompoop Ekema Patrick had boasted to visitors at his home and on his Facebook page that, if he had the opportunity of shooting more protesters on the 22nd, he would have done so and anybody that rises on October 1st shall fall by force as there shall be no negotiations. So the Massacres were not mistaken acts. They were premeditated with well spelled out instructions in security meetings at the various levels.

It was supposed to be the independence day of Southern Cameroons. The people were celebrating the restoration of their statehood which is legally binding in international law. Though they had been denied their freedom to worship that Sunday morning by sending back Christians home and shooting teargas into churches that dared to hold church services, the people were determined to celebrate their independence day. They came out in their thousands, matching with peace plants and green branches. They had their placards with bold inscriptions; “No violence, we come in peace”.  They were symbolically celebrating their freedoms which have been stifled for 56 years in an unconsummated union. They just wanted the UN and the international community to see that they were serious over what they did on the 22nd September and that they are on their way out of the illegal union with the Republic of Cameroon and rightfully so too. They came out in their numbers to celebrate with assurances from the warnings of the UNSG to La Republic du Cameroon that there should be no shootings.

Despite all these warnings and assurances, our people were still visited with heavy and iron fist violence, whether they were on the streets celebrating or not. As if the colonial forces were fighting Boko Haram terrorists, they bumped teargas into the homes of citizens to force them out of their homes and then rain down life bullets from a patrolling helicopter as the people scamper for safety. Those who could not run out of their homes died of teargas suffocation. The fortunate ones ran into the bushes, while the unfortunate ones were caught by flying bullets. At the Buea Regional Hospital, nurses are said to have been working and crying.

Some of the massacre in Southern Cameroons, girl could seen taken by stray bullet in Kumbo

The colonial forces break into homes, got families beaten with battens and guns and took away the healthy boys and girls. They pulled boys and girls on the floor, naked them, parked both naked boys and girls in one vehicles and continued beating them with battens as they carried them away. They seized the motor bikes of young men (whether they were celebrated independence day or not), burned the bikes, got the boys well beaten, robbed them in the mud and either took them away or put a corrosive and painful substance into their eyes and allowed them to painfully find their way. Some of the inhuman forces descended into private homes, pulled down satellite dishes, seized decoders and destroyed them in front of the families, all in an attempt to dissuade them from watching SCBC tv.

While all these mayhem, bloodletting and atrocities were and are still on going, Southern Cameroons so called elite were (are) quiet. Those of the BLOOD SUCKING AND DIAPER WAERING CPDM party were in Yaoundé, Douala and Bafoussam, dancing and celebrating a so called reunification with the enemy, begging for peace, begging for unity and begging for a certain one and indivisible Cameroon. Some were busy calling Aljazeera and other foreign media houses telling them how Cameroun is one and indivisible according to the 1999 Constitution. Some Southern Cameroonians in top commanding positions of the La Republic’s military especially those that hail from Bali Nyongha and Bafut authorized the raiding of the homes of their own people, got families beaten and abducted young men, with the approbation of the paramount rulers. As I write, young men in these places who were lucky to escape now sleep in the bushes. Their crime is that, as a PEOPLE, recognized by International Law still under colonial occupation, they want to be free from recolonization, subjugation and repression.

As I write, communication is difficult as internet connection in Southern Cameroons has for the second time in one year been blocked for four days now. Those arrested are presently in unidentified places. The number of the wounded is unknown and that of the death is rising. Curfews have been intensified. From Douala to Victoria and from Mutengene to Albert Mukong Avenue and to Kumba, military bases have been set up by the colonial forces, with constant harassment of vehicle owners and citizens. From Kumba to Mamfe and from the Ekok boarder with Nigeria to Bamenda, the military harassments are the same. Every vehicle is thoroughly checked. Citizens without ID cards and those with expired ID cards are automatically carried away to unknown destinations.

Found on Wednesday 4th October after gun shots

This is the atmosphere in which a free people now live. A people with their own history and cultural identity, completely different from that of La Republic du Cameroun. Their only crime is that they found themselves in colonial slavery and have dared to free themselves. Who shall save the people? Where are the Ambazonian Defense Forces? Where is the Department of Defense of the Governing Council? and where is the UN that has the power to protect the people and had warned La Republic not to shoot any Southern Cameroonian citizen?. As the people nursed their wounds and bury their dead ones, one thing is clear in their minds. The battle line has been drawn. There is no going back to Egypt. Our case is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from that of the Catalans, it is different from that of Biafra. It is a CASE OF DECOLONIZATION. The Independence Restoration Process has officially began and cannot be truncated by any form of brutality and genocide. For those Southern Cameroons elite dogs and their children who have chosen to betray their own people and sell their consciences to the oppressor or sit at the fence, you will need to choose between your ancestral home or to be a citizen of La Republic and remain in Douala or Yaounde. For I can assure you that your people are waiting for you home with all fury.

To the enemy, the slave master and the occupier, you have lost control of your colony and your slaves and there is nothing you can do again. Southern Cameroons is free and gone. It’s just a matter of weeks and months and you will completely park out of the land. The greatest blood shed shall be seen on your own land and on your own people. You shall all feel the fury of GOD. The people have resisted you peacefully for a year now and it is not your brutality that will force them to abandon all what they have been fighting for this one year. It’s not by their own strength, it’s by DIVINE ENABLEMENT. Those who still doubt and throw blames and tantrums at the people, you better shut-up now and throw all your blames when you see that the battle is officially over and the people are still in bondage.

Southern Cameroons Ambazonia has been declared free from colonial La Republic and the people shall defend it to the end.

James Arrey

BaretaNews Political News Analyst.

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Southern Cameroons Political Activist



  1. PESS

    October 5, 2017 at 5:24 AM

    That is it!Business with LRC is done!Those who oppose and fight against the defending of our statehood will be forced to relocate to LRC. There will no longer be any DIALOGUE.

  2. Ghost

    October 5, 2017 at 5:55 AM

    This is the best write up so far in this platform.thatz what we call a nationalist Speaking,thank u mr bareta fr questionx all of the above.When Paul Kagame signaled the Beginning of a Genocide in Rwanda the Same UN ABANDONED them to take their destiny’s in their hands n later came to apologize.Nobody cares abt our Black ass.Now the ADF most answer us n they should be give a good explanation.Mr bareta do u know pple are nolonger trustx the GC nor ur write up again like b4,some are even now prepared to stay with the devil they know than the Angel(GC)which they dont know.If the ADF n GC dnt do any act of bravery or a diplomatic break through by the end of this month we should kiss this struggle good bye.

  3. George

    October 5, 2017 at 6:57 AM

    Mark I saw already a list circulating with names and place of people killed or kidnapped. There must be a file prepared with more pictures and names/profession/place/what happened. We need to give the victims a name. They had dreams and aspiration. Sudden killed by an evil regime. Their deads shall not go in vain. I know many say UN and others are just bystanders. But we shall not stop informing international organisations and NGOs. The pressure on France must be increased. Me, I am going to write even more to such instituations.

  4. Malis

    October 5, 2017 at 1:50 PM

    Ohhhh Mighty, have mercy, have mercy.

    The real struggle begins, NO, NO, NO. War, chaos, suffering for all is coming.

  5. Mukong

    October 5, 2017 at 5:21 PM

    And this is really one of the burning question that I have been asking myself as to what are the Southern Cameroonians in this army doing? How could they be so indifferent in the face of this type of butchery? I thank my God that my parents raised me to know evil from good and to come to the aid of my fellow man in the time of need. If there is one thing I will spend the rest of my life doing, it will be to make sure that Biya, his Beti hoodlums and most in LRC pay for this abominated acts that they have visited on Southern Cameroonians. This is just unacceptable and scandalous.
    The french stooge is frolicking in switzerland and has the audacity to send terrorists to terrorize our people?

    • Malis

      October 6, 2017 at 2:42 AM


      Among us Southern Cameroonians are a particular bloodline that must be vomited out and we did accomplished that this 1st of October that just passed. For me now on, they are worst than the Devil they are serving. I want them to remain there for history shows very clearly what is going to happen to them.

      All the money and promises they took will not serve them or even their children. They all will be killed slowly over time so as to forever hide everything that they were part of. That is how the devil works. they will be dealt with.

      I’m so happy for us for we do not need them at all, the worst thing that can happen to us is having them among us, they will drag us all into our graves. Our true fighters, heroes are those young fearless warriors boys and girls that restored our independence, they are the once I have in my mind, heart and soul, not scare, weak, immaculate, sellouts.

  6. Rommy

    October 7, 2017 at 1:39 AM

    Lord have mercy.This is unbelievable.Do something Lord for the glory of your name.May the souls of these our heroes rest in perfect peace.

  7. Zam-Zam

    October 30, 2017 at 12:06 PM

    Is the webmaster of this site aware of what such images can cause even in the hearts of those he is inciting?

    How different are you then from the monsters that have perpetuated such brutality?

    Where is your readers’s discretion? You’re no Facebook—bear it in mind.

    The earlier you stop mixing everything up the better for the struggle—Belgium is not that far…

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Kofi Annan: His Death, SCNC, Biya, The West And Ambazonia






Kofi Annan: His Death, SCNC, Biya, The West And Ambazonia.

Kofi Annan, in memoriam

We have received news this morning of the passing away of Kofi Annan, a son of Ghana and Africa, a statesman of the world. We salute the memory of Kofi Annan who personally achieved many things, including recognition as a Nobel Peace laureate in 2001.

Kofi Annan brings up many memories for us. He worked for a negotiated settlement of the Bakassi conflict. Our forerunners in the struggle lobbied him intensely on case of the annexation of Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroun. Mr Annan even visited Cameroun to discuss our situation. His advice to Biya to initiate negotiation failed.

Being a son of Africa, Annan hoped that Paul Biya will work with the SCNC and other groups to adjust the state peacefully and resolve the root cause of the problem. But he left and nothing changed. Biya duped him. Biya promised him that dialogue will ensue and Mr Annan played his own part of the bargain to not criticise LRC much, to give Cameroun the chance to fix its mess. Lai lai to lai lai, nothing happened. Biya pretended to listen. He ignored him. But sadly too, Kofi Annan had failed to learn from his past failure. As Under Secretary General of the UN in charge of peacekeeping operations, Annan had failed to stop the Rwandan genocide, in which 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were murdered in 100 days. Mr Annan was also in charge when 8,000 Moslems were massacred in a UN safe area by Serbian forces.

Mr Annan was to some extent let down by the West. But he did publicly recognised that he could have done more to prevent those dark moments from occurring in our world.

Fast forward two decades. Successive batches of UN and world leaders have failed to address the case of the Southern Cameroons. Here we are today – in conflict, our people being murdered by troops loyal to the man whom Kofi Annan trusted, our women being raped, a genocide developing in our land, hundreds of thousands of our people displaced.

Biya scammed Kofi. Unfortunately, the story of this bloody struggle would be insincere without stating the obvious failure of the one African who held the office that could have saved our people from this mess and also preserve the husbands of the several women who are now widows on LRC’s side.

But Mr Annan knows the value of independence. Speaking about Ghana’s independence to a group in 2012 in Canada, he declared, “I walked away as a young man believing change is possible, even radical revolutionary change.”

The people of #Ambazonia #SouthernCameroons should take the hint from Mr Annan’s quote above.

As we mourn a great statesman of the world, a son of Africa, the world should seize the opportunity to examine one of the burning issues where they failed to empower Koffi to resolve the annexation of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia by Cameroun which has now turned into conflict and Africa’s fastest growing humanitarian crisis.

Biya duped Kofi. We hope Antonio Guttieres will reflect on this.

The independence of Ambazonia is non negotiable.

Mark Bareta

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Restoration Forces Arrest Extortionists In Bui



Government of Ambazonia






Restoration Forces Arrest Extortionists In Bui

BaretaNews sister platform Scandy Media is reporting that Restoration forces in Bui have arrested two notorious suspects for questioning.. Scandy Media mentioned that these two civilians were part of a gang operating in Bui moving from village to village, house to house terrorizing Ambazonians and at the same time collecting guns, huge sums of money, breaking into homes and stealing, threatening and blackmailing the population while addressing themselves as Amba Boys. The arrest of these individuals is part of the huge campaign by the ASC to root out those who have taken advantage of the God ordained revolution.

Scandy Media writes further:

“…The recent village has been Kitiwum precisely in Shukov kale where a family was attacked 2 days ago and a ransom asked if not their home would be set ablaze. Another women still in Kitiwum was attacked and kidnapped until 1 million was collected . Last two weeks we heard of similar incidents in kikaikom, and a week ago was Nseh…Our Restoration forces have been tracking down these groups and Scandy media has been reliably informed that there exist more than two of such groups as well as individuals calling themselves Amba boys.When ASC got the complains, they were obliged to share the self defense code of conduct to let our people know and understand that Ambazonian self defense forces do not kill their people, they protect them, they do not break into people’s homes, nor kidnap. They do not ask for ransom nor oblige people to give. People donate freely to them..”

BaretaNews adds that this phenomenon is seen also in Meme, Fako, Mbonge etc. Some civilians have taken upon themselves to pretend that they are Amba boys (Self Defense Forces), meanwhile they go about harassing the population. Just last week the ASC made known an email and phone numbers for people who are faced with this aspect to contact them so that legitimate self defense groups in that county can be contacted to track down those carrying out these illegal acts. We also understand that Yaounde through Atanga Nji have been using civilians to create fake groups.

It is the position of BaretaNews  that this campaign must intensify in other areas, those caught MUST NOT BE SPARED. The revolution must again be sanitised of these agents of darkness from within and without us. In fact, the upcoming Washington, DC must come out with a white paper that creates a Restoration Police Force amongst the self defense forces whose job must be to ensure that this new found waves of harassment and extortion of our people comes to an end.

In a war like ours, these things are bound to happen as rule of law breaks down, however, it is our responsibility, especially the restoration forces to Ensure that these acts are brought to a bare minimum or not in existence at all.The state of our revolution is strong.

Mark Bareta

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Yaoundé Terrorist Forces Declare Full Scale War on Hospitals & Medical Personnel in Ambazonia



Interim Government of Buea




Yaoundé Terrorist Forces Declare Full Scale War on Hospitals & Medical Personnel in Ambazonia

The war declared by the colonial President of Cameroun, Paul Biya, on the people of Southern Cameroons continue to escalate, with the terrorist forces of French Cameroon intensifying their genocidal atrocities on the innocent people. If the activities of the past week are anything to go by, then it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that the terrorist colonial regime through it foot soldiers in Ambazonia has declared war on hospitals and medical personnel.

The week saw multiple targeted attacks on medical infrastructure and personnel in different localities across the war tone territory by the Yaoundé trained terrorists. This of course led to loss of lives and destruction of medical facilities and properties.

It all began some two months ago with when the Yaoundé terrorists attack and ransacked a local health unit in Ikiliwindi, Meme County, Southern Zone of Ambazonia, destroying the facility and manhandling the staff present. Their crime was that, they were allegedly offering their services to wounded Ambazonian Independence Restoration fighters. Today, the health facility is abandoned and the local population have resorted to traditional medical practices.

The next point of attack by the terrorists was the Government Integrated Heath Unit in Bafia, Muyuka local government of Fako County. The French Cameroun terrorist had attacked the facility shooting heavily with machine guns targeting hospitalized citizens and staff. Many patients and staff were wounded as they scamper for safety, while those who could not run gave themselves to fate. The medical facility now lies in ruins as the personnel have joined other residents in the bushes as they run for their lives.

Hospital personnel in Lebialem have also come under repeated attacks from the colonial terrorists, with the arrest and brutal murder of a popular nurse in a popular Catholic Mission hospital in the county. Other hospital workers in that county have all deserted their work stations and now seek refuge in the cities of Kumba and Buea.

Last week, still in the Southern Zone, a local government health unit in Mbonge, Meme County, the colonial terrorists attacked and burned down an integrated health unit. A sick victim who was unable to get up from his hospital bed and run for safety was burned to dead. The crime of the facility and its managers is that they have been allegedly treating wounded Ambazonian fighters.
The situation is not different in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia. In Belo, Boyo County. Colonial terrorists have in multiple occasions attacked and harassed staff of the Mbingo Baptist hospital on grounds that they have been secretly offering their services to Ambazonian fighters.

The Batibo District Hospital is also said to have been shut down with staff on the run after the colonialists invaded the hospital brutalizing patients and staff, and accusing them of treating restoration forces. Other local health centers within the Momo County have also been shut down, while some have been completely burned down to ashes.

In Mbengwi, In Mbengwi, still in Momo County, a medical doctor identified as Njong Patrick and his wife Azah Nancy, a nurse were executed by the Biya forces in ISIS style, as they returned from work on a Motobike. The murdered health personnel were heads two different medical facilities. The Acha Tugi Hospital, which is the biggest hospital in Momo County and managed by the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon has also been deserted by staff after the colonial terrorists invade the facility seeking to arrest staff and patients with gunshot wounds.

In one of the most recent cases an ambulance transporting patients between Mbingo Baptist Hospital and the Bamenda General Hospital was targeted by colonial terrorist and spayed with bullets leaving a nurse seriously injured. The Nurse according to sources is still receiving treatment in a local hospital in Bamenda.

” It very fortunate that the shootings started when the bus was on its way from Mbingo after patients had been deposited. The casualties would have been more,” a source told a local television Equinox tv.
Since the beginning of the senseless war, many young men with gunshot wounds uptrained during the peaceful protests of September 22, and October 1st 2017 have been pulled out of hospital beds and executed on grounds that they are Ambazonian fighters.
It is therefore not only a war against the sovereign people of Ambazonia, the terrorist regime is going further to attacked institutions protected under International Law during the periods of war.

In the face of all these, one can only ask; even if these health facilities are offering services to Ambazonian fighters, what is wrong in them offering these services? Don’t they have the right to offer treatment to any wounded individual during a war like this?

Why have the colonial terrorists been going to these same hospitals for treatment when they are also wounded? A good numbr of them are offered first aid treatment in some of these hospitals before being ferried to their territories of Douala and Yaoundé through helicopters.

Let the colonial terrorists continue with their war crimes, with the hope that it will weaken the Ambazonian people to give up the revolution. They fail, this is a do or die movement. It is unstoppable and the people have made up their minds to live free or die. Ambazonia shall not only be free, but the colonial regime shall pay a heavy price for all these destruction after the revolution.

Agbor James

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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