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Southern Cameroonians Must Reject Peace Prayer Points, Pray For Justice Instead



Interim Government of Buea






Reject Any Prayer Point For Peace.

By all standards, the people of Southern Cameroons have no Christmas to celebrate. We cannot in all sincerity celebrate Christmas when thousands are in Nigeria as refugees, war in Manyu and every other counties in Southern Cameroons are in a state of emergency. There is nothing to celebrate tomorrow.

But there is something we can do. Yes, we will celebrate spiritually as Christians. Tomorrow, our prayer points must be prayers for Justice. Refuse to make any prayer points about peace. Praying for peace means, stop all what you are doing, just live with the status quo as it is now so that things can go back to normal. No way. All those saying we should pray for peace are being political. I call that political prayers.

We want sincere and genuine prayers, one that God will listen and act. Therefore, as Christians celebrate the coming of Christ, let’s our prayer point be that Christ coming should bring the people of Southern Cameroons JUSTICE. When there is justice, there is peace. A just society is naturally a peaceful society. Peace is a reflection of justice, peace does not just happen. Something must happen for peace to take place, less there will be war and torments. Therefore, we must pray and pray for Justice. Let the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph bring the people of Southern Cameroons Justice so that we can have peace.

Mark Bareta

As you celebrate Christmas in solemnity and not in fanfare, let us remember all those massacred from December 2016 till date, all those in bushes, all refugees and the entire people of Manyu. Let us remember them by praying on this special occasion of Christ coming, a new child is born. Let the coming of Christ brings us Justice in Jesus name.

Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas Fellow Ambazonians.

Mark Bareta

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