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Southern Cameroonians want out



The People Want Out

Since the restoration of the internet, I have had time to talk with a number of persons from both the Southern and Northern zones in Southern Cameroons. One could really see the anger in them when they speak. The number of persons I spoke too might be small but I think it is statistically significant and it can be used to draw the conclusion.

I made it a duty to speak to a number of persons and most especially to those who were federalist before the shut down of the internet. The only message coming from them is that ” I am done with anything to do with over the mungo, I want an independent Southern Cameroons”. Most of the responses made me to understand how people can change and yes most of them have changed as a result of la Republique actions.

A number of Southern Cameroonians abroad feel the same even those who just joint just recently. The same is true in our villages and communities in Southern Cameroons. However, the only problem is the route to independence. How will this be achieved, while I cannot provide an answer to that now, the most important winning stage is that in the minds of the people of Southern Cameroons, they are wishing and hoping for an independent Southern Cameroons.

Be it as it may, we must respect those who still think federation could be the best possible options now with the less risk. Federalist belief that they can get to independence someday through federation. They belief that if all energy is focused on federation, that could be achieved. These are just their opinions which MUST be respected.

It is my humble opinion that whatever route Southern Cameroonians take to reach Buea, all will come through blood and iron because la Republique will not go down easily. In fact, La Republique will not give us federation, as it stands it seems we are begging for federation. In truth, it should be the other way round. However, we must continue to tolerate and respect people’s opinion on the future they want for Southern Cameroons without waging a war between us. This is too say, we must go out not only preaching our tactics to freedom, we must also march words with actions to lead us to freedom.

Our people back home are committed to an independent Southern Cameroons, this is the fact and they somewhat rely on the diaspora to lead them there. Are we going to disappoint them? Therefore, let us not allow the bridges and Atlantic Ocean to divide us. We are all United in the same resolve to free Southern Cameroons. We are all enslaved by La Republique. We must not expect everyone to fall in line with our opinions or views, we must tolerate others and let our actions only speak for us. By our actions, a thousand will fall by our sides and join the train. Humans by nature easily fall away once they see a clear road map and they see actions toward that, we must give the 2 percent that hope to join the train.

What do we offer our people tomorrow? The future is pregnant and virgin. The hymen must be broken with blood oozing before delivery.

Ghost towns on Monday 24th.

This is Mark Bareta, From Bui County, Southern Cameroons and I approve this message.

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