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Former UB Student Leader Pays Tribute To Ambazonia Patriach, Pa Mola Litumbe




He walked the earth without the Ants complaining of noise, he spoke his intentions without the Air feeling distress, he lived his life without Nature been threatened;

Politics did not condition his mind, religion did not whitewash his brain, education did not reset his thinking, wealth did not alter his preferences;

He was himself, holding unto his dreams, believing in himself, trusting his vision, standing by his words, confident about his life and true to his love.

Terror did not change his course, pain did not affect his Cause, tragedy did not curse his strategy, sacrifice did not alarm him with cost, uncertainty did not coarse his lips

He spoke truth to power, dictated his wishes to dictators, prayed his prayers in front of predators, defended his ideas to the world and preach salvation to the devil.

Privileges did not make him adopt a second thought, opportunity did not educate him with a political spoon, materiality did not ransom his vow, tribalism did not segregate his loyalty.

He made many mistakes but repaired them with love, he had many regrets but fixed them with passion, he had many worries but silenced them with faith, he had many Enemies but outlived them with understanding.

Age could not cripple his ambition, adversity could not seize courage from his purpose, blackmail could not dirty his personality, civilization could not corrupt his beliefs.

He’s an ageless wisdom of the Ambazonian Revolution whose evolution to immortality fulfills the promises of our political Salvation

Comrade Don Wan-Obi

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