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Silicon Mountain Senior Figure Sends An Emotional Message



The Common Law Lawyers strike going on for a month now has generated so much support that various sectors within Anglophone Cameroon are gradually coming on board. Otto Akama, from the tech community in Cameroon basically known as the Silicon Mountain with headquarters in Buea has added their voice. This is contained in a short memo sent by Mr. Otto Akama to BaretaNews. He wrote:

Guys let us stay positive. Everyone’s positivity counts.

The Anglophone community has been deeply disrespected in a series of steps. In order to succeed, a lot of leadership is needed.

It’s neither about the lawyers nor teachers. It’s about us all and for those who think it’s an Anglophone problem, remember that it is the same way the youth community is being toasted around and it is the same way the black community in America is being toasted around.

The real thing we are doing here is to build a culture of standing up tall when we feel oppressed and also standing up for others.


It’s not an issue of single instances, the fear of the police or the fear that we will not win. It’s an attitude issue. Not standing up is called cowardice.
For the fight, let’s do it for our brothers and sisters. There’s no guarantee of success. But not trying is a failure. However, the real battle is the battle within. Each time we shy away from a fight, the coward in us grows bigger, and it begins to reflect the quality of our lives. Cowardice never hides. Let’s be brave. If we lose in bravery, we will become stronger.


If you don’t fight against oppression, there’s no other way, you will depreciate, run away from your country, beg for jobs, beg for justice and grow old in that way.

Now, even if you shy away and the fighters succeed. After the struggle, winners share opportunities, but cowards just change the person they were begging from. It is your place to choose what you want to be. If you don’t want to fight, just stay. Begging is not that bad. It might just suit you. We all must stand up

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