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Restoration Forces Arrest Wokaka Chief For Burying Virgin Alive To Stifle Ambazonia Struggle








Restoration Forces have cuffed and placed under detention, the Chief of Wokaka, a village under the Buea Sub-County. According to an authoritative source, Chief Njombe Njoke Johnson, was whisked off recently, on allegations of conniving with some other chiefs in burying a virgin girl alive so as to perturb the activities of the Restoration Forces in Buea.

Speaking to BaretaNews on condition of anonymity, the source said the arrested Chief and others, have been waging a spiritual war against the restoration forces, thereby impeding their smooth quest in fully restoring the State of Ambazonia by taking over Buea.

“He told us that following a recent meeting that the chiefs held at their secretariat in Buea with the colonial DO of Buea (Kouam Wokam Paul), after the Principal of GBHS Mile 16 was arrested, the chiefs resolved to carryout spiritual battles against the restoration forces, so that Buea will remain with La Republique du Cameroun. It was on such basis, that the said (Chief) Njoke and his cohorts, used a virgin girl to perform rituals. That has really disturbed the free-flow of our activities. So, we resorted in dismantling the gang of thieves (chiefs),” our told said.

The source went ahead to indicate that Chief Njoke is under great condition. According to the source, the Ambazonia military has been very professional in handling Prisoners of war.

“You can check our records. We don’t maltreat those we arrest. (Chief) Njoke, like some other Prisoners of War, are well safe. They are helping us in carrying out our investigations so as to smoothen our operations. We are so happy that he is cooperating and giving us the necessary information to assist our quest to dismantle the witchcraft planted by the chiefs,” the source said again.

It should be noted that Chief Njombe Johnson Njoke, has been one of the main brains behind perturbing the Ambazonian struggle. Working hand in hand with Ekema Patrick, Chief Njombe has been using spiritual as well as physical tactics to undermine the struggle. His Machiavellian tactics have greatly slowed the struggle.

Meantime, some chiefs plan to hold a meeting this Saturday at their secretariat, to see how to plan more devilish moves to undermine the operations of the restorations forces. However, the restoration forces have put up different operations to track all the chiefs.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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