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Colonial Gendarme Wounded in Buea, as Restoration Boys Sent First Anti 20th May Warning



Interim Government of Buea

Colonial Gendarme Wounded in Buea, as Restoration Boys Sent First Anti 20th May Warning

The people of Buea, the Federal Capital Territory of Ambazonia have probably been used to the sound of a gun only in movies. But with the increasing escalation of Mr. Biya’s war and the arrival of Restoration Boys of Ambazonia into Buea, hearing the sound of a gun and the body temperature it generates has become a reality.

And so, after a night clash with colonial terrorists between Ekona and Muea yesterday May 15, 2018, the self-defense warriors, sent their first signal to the population of Buea, on how 20th May will look like for those who may want to succumb to colonial threats and intimidation to go out and celebrate the fake National Unity Day.

It was about 1:30 PM in the city. The Common Entrance examination into secondary schools by primary six children was in progress in some selected schools, under very tight colonial security as usual. Suddenly, there were repeated sounds of gun shots in Bunduma, Check Point and Sand-Pit. The situation created a very scary and confused atmosphere whereby some denizens were running into their homes and offices, closing the doors, while others were running out to see what was happening.

Business activities immediately came to a halt, taxis approaching the scenes of action were advised to park immediately. About 30 minutes after the end of the shootings, the whole city was in commotion, with people and families running up and down to get their children and love ones in schools and other areas.

What Actually Happened?

According to a local around the scene in Bunduma Gate, about three boys appeared around the area and fired shots into the air to scare the population. Two colonial gendarmes who were on guard at the gate into Government School Bunduma (where the Common Entrance Examination was supposedly ongoing) saw the boys and fired at them immediately.

Unfortunately, the bullets did not penetrate their targets. The boys on their part responded by firing one of the colonial officers on the leg and two other shots in the air, before speeding towards Check Point, around the Omni sport Stadium.

While passing around the gate of Bilingual Grammar School (BGS) Molyko, Buea (one of the most guarded schools), the boys again fired many times into the air causing total confusion in the area. A local security officer on guard at the BGS gate told BaretaNews reporters that;

“We were attending to some students who wanted to go out of the gate when I suddenly heard sounds of gun shot. At that moment, I was running for my life since I don’t have a gun…only the gendarmes who work with us have guns”

“I then saw students running and jumping over the fence. It was later I heard that Amba boys were around” he added.

Reports say before colonial military reinforcement could arrive, the Amba boys as popularly referred to by the people had disappeared behind the stadium. Attempts by the colonial forces to find out from the people, the direction of the unknown gun men, instead saw the population also running away as they approached.

The Restoration boys have hinted that the since the people and the colonial authorities are now aware that they are in Buea, everybody must respect him/herself abd mind their businesses. According to them, the barn on 20th May celebrations in Ambazonia must be implemented, especially in Buea. They added that;

“We are not against our people but against the colonialists and their agents. Our people should not be afraid but they should just obey our rules. We are all fighting for freedom but this is the way La Republique wants us to take the fight”



James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst


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