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Arrest Of Colonial Senator Ignites Feelings Of Revenge



Arrest Of Colonial Senator Ignites Feeling Of Revenge

By Mbah Godlove

Sympathizers of late Barrister Senator Kemende Hendry have expressed joy after the colonial CPDM senator was whisked off in Bamenda.

Senator Regina Mundy was taken along Side her driver in Bamenda Saturday, April 30, 2022.

Shortly after her apprehension by Ambazonian fighters some sympathizers, of late Barrister Senator Kemende Henry who had been slain by colonial forces began jubilating and calling on the people’s liberation forces to kill her.

The said sympathizers believe that the death of the outspoken Barrister Kemende who was assassinated earlier this year was plotted by hand clappers in the Northern Zone.

It is on this basis that the people want senator Regina Mundy gone.

To them, this will serve as revenge for the loss of the brave Barrister Kemende who died for the truth.

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