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The Presidential Council And Power Vacuum: The Political Savvy of The IG









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There can & should never be a power vacuum. The IG wasn’t foolish to undertake such a smart and intelligent move. It’s called political savvy. It tells your enemy you’re more than prepared. It gives people confidence. We should be able to live up to our statements we make everyday. If Sisiku himself says no one is indispensable, he means as soon as anything occurs to deprive one of the ability to contribute, others are available to step in for continuity sake. Besides, no one has taken power from him. All these smart moves are only temporary. Why all this hate?

99% of world constitutions and other legal instruments contain what we call the “INCAPACITY” clause. Constitutionalists would tell you the importance and the effect of triggering the application of this clause whenever there is a vacuum in political office. Often times, power vacuum create more uncertainty and generate several leadership squabbles especially when political actors hadn’t put in place appropriate measures to effect political succession. Now we see the relevance of JMA’s question- was he a prophet of doom? Far from it. Often times, it’s only when certain events occur that it dawns upon man to understand that he ought to have had foresight to have put in place the necessary guidelines (by outlining both substantive & procedural legal provisions) that would regulate accession to political power.

Those who think that the move taken by the IG is driven by the “power mongering” mentality are totally wrong. If one were that transparent, why would you then deny another the chance to serve if your intention too were not only to conserve power? VP Osinbajo of Nigeria stepped in and assumed full presidential powers in lieu and place of Pdt Muhammadu Buhari while he was sick in England. That was temporal incapacity due to ill health. Is Buhari not back and hasn’t he assumed full powers back? Several other examples abound. Ours wouldn’t be a special case.
La republique thinks by conniving with Nigeria to get our leaders arrested will demotivate us and play the psychological effect on us. We have to prove to them we are more than ready for this fight to restore our statehood. There’s a lot than meets the eye in this smart intelligent move.

I challenge everyone, when eventually they regain their freedom, let anyone quote me anywhere, anytime where and when our leader will ever say the move was bad. If it were also not politics, naysayers would also not be denying that a vacuum be filled at least for the time being.

Sisiku is still our leader, the people have endorsed him. Just like we have stood resolutely behind Mancho, Penn, Tsi and the whole lot of them in LRC’s dungeons, gallows and jails, so have we chosen to stand by Pdt Sisiku & his team currently incarcerated until they regain their freedom. A final and definite move will and can only be taken if it is ascertained with all certainty that… God forbid! (I don’t like to complete it).

Our focus now should be to mount excessive pressure on the organs & authorities that be to secure the release of our leaders and all other Ambazonians in jail wherever in the world. We must intensify demonstrations, write petitions, take diplomacy to a higher level, explore the strengths of the social media by tweeting, sending text messages, memoranda, lobbying etc to get our leaders free and seek support from countries to support our statehood restoration drive.

People come and go, but institutions remain!
The Struggle Continues!
Ufa Ugynns-Momo County

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