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The Presidential Council And Power Vacuum: The Political Savvy of The IG









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There can & should never be a power vacuum. The IG wasn’t foolish to undertake such a smart and intelligent move. It’s called political savvy. It tells your enemy you’re more than prepared. It gives people confidence. We should be able to live up to our statements we make everyday. If Sisiku himself says no one is indispensable, he means as soon as anything occurs to deprive one of the ability to contribute, others are available to step in for continuity sake. Besides, no one has taken power from him. All these smart moves are only temporary. Why all this hate?

99% of world constitutions and other legal instruments contain what we call the “INCAPACITY” clause. Constitutionalists would tell you the importance and the effect of triggering the application of this clause whenever there is a vacuum in political office. Often times, power vacuum create more uncertainty and generate several leadership squabbles especially when political actors hadn’t put in place appropriate measures to effect political succession. Now we see the relevance of JMA’s question- was he a prophet of doom? Far from it. Often times, it’s only when certain events occur that it dawns upon man to understand that he ought to have had foresight to have put in place the necessary guidelines (by outlining both substantive & procedural legal provisions) that would regulate accession to political power.

Those who think that the move taken by the IG is driven by the “power mongering” mentality are totally wrong. If one were that transparent, why would you then deny another the chance to serve if your intention too were not only to conserve power? VP Osinbajo of Nigeria stepped in and assumed full presidential powers in lieu and place of Pdt Muhammadu Buhari while he was sick in England. That was temporal incapacity due to ill health. Is Buhari not back and hasn’t he assumed full powers back? Several other examples abound. Ours wouldn’t be a special case.
La republique thinks by conniving with Nigeria to get our leaders arrested will demotivate us and play the psychological effect on us. We have to prove to them we are more than ready for this fight to restore our statehood. There’s a lot than meets the eye in this smart intelligent move.

I challenge everyone, when eventually they regain their freedom, let anyone quote me anywhere, anytime where and when our leader will ever say the move was bad. If it were also not politics, naysayers would also not be denying that a vacuum be filled at least for the time being.

Sisiku is still our leader, the people have endorsed him. Just like we have stood resolutely behind Mancho, Penn, Tsi and the whole lot of them in LRC’s dungeons, gallows and jails, so have we chosen to stand by Pdt Sisiku & his team currently incarcerated until they regain their freedom. A final and definite move will and can only be taken if it is ascertained with all certainty that… God forbid! (I don’t like to complete it).

Our focus now should be to mount excessive pressure on the organs & authorities that be to secure the release of our leaders and all other Ambazonians in jail wherever in the world. We must intensify demonstrations, write petitions, take diplomacy to a higher level, explore the strengths of the social media by tweeting, sending text messages, memoranda, lobbying etc to get our leaders free and seek support from countries to support our statehood restoration drive.

People come and go, but institutions remain!
The Struggle Continues!
Ufa Ugynns-Momo County

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Southern Cameroons Political Activist



  1. Ufa Ugynns

    January 10, 2018 at 4:50 PM

    It’s a privilege to be quoted on this platform. Thank you BaretaNews

    • Bali Nyonga

      January 10, 2018 at 6:52 PM

      To give relevance to JMA’s rant in this article is misplaced. He doubted the existence of VPXXX and wanted it revealed to prove him wrong, which was a devil’s advocacy. The VPXXX is in control but for safety reason given his location, this council has been formed to close the apparent power vacuum. There will always be complainers, and I will not refer to them as haters. We all have different levels of reasoning, which is normal, it however problematic when one does not possess the capacity to appreciate a situation but wants to speak with authority on a topic he/she doesn’t know just because he/she can speak/type etc

  2. George

    January 10, 2018 at 6:59 PM


  3. Sunshine

    January 10, 2018 at 7:03 PM

    Unfortunately in la republic du cameroun, the only person and institution is biya. he believes that when the leadership is locked up, the institution dies- that will happen soon in la republ Ambasonia is waxing strong and will remain so. The IG is made up of varied Ambasonian leadership team spanning the globe. Ambasonian leadership never dies. The Ambasonian idea is in our DNA. We welcome the new leadership and encourage them to remain resolute in fighting biya’s evil regime. biya’s evil will not thrive!!

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France Is The Oppressor, They Continue To Keep Our People Captives- Father Wilfred Epie






Once an oasis of peace and stability in Africa, my beautiful home region of Southern Cameroons is currently going through excruciating pains, seemingly worse than the Rwandan genocide of 1994: our people are actually being exterminated like cockroaches. Nearly two years have gone by and, I am convinced, the UN and AU have not demonstrated any real commitment to mediate in this menacing situation. It is well known that France is pulling the strings to keep our nation, full of rich human and natural resources, captive.

In the present circumstances, it is imprudent for Grand Masters to parade the corridors of the Unity palace, and dine with, and confer accolades on, a president whose dormancy is suspicious; a man who, since the advent of the current crisis, has refused to shear the sheep. This crisis that has steadily degenerated to a civil war is no longer an internal affair. It is rather a global threat to peace and stability because Cameroonian patriots all over the globe and Africans of good will are affected. It is no longer an internal affair because the government has violated the universal declaration of human rights in all facets.

What must we do? There is urgent need for cease-fire from both sides. I vehemently condemn all armed robbers and bandits who are taking advantage of the situation to loot and harass peaceful civilians. A peaceful resolution can only be possible with the mediation of a third party because the people of Southern Cameroons have lost confidence completely in the Biya regime. Considering the aloofness of AU and UN, the USA stands in the position to mediate at this time. Notably, the case of Southern Cameroons has been a subject of discussion at Capitol Hill with sufficient evidence of untold human rights abuses and the subjugation of the people of Southern Cameroons. As the crisis worsens by the day, can the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress revisit the case of Southern Cameroons? Sincerely, can my friends in the US advise on what else we can do to encourage the US to step into this bloody crisis? Are the people of Southern Cameroons less human than the people of Libya, North Korea or Syria? Please help us, our people are perishing!

Let us pray! God is not dead. He sits on the throne, and in the end He will be King and judge; but before the end comes, we must commit ourselves here and now to work for justice, peace, and equality.

“African politicians must learn to retire at a minimum age of 70 years, but rather we have packed old men in our leadership, how could we move forward? Some are even above 80 years and still ruling.” (Kofi Annan)

By Father Wilfred Epie

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mass murder scheme in ambazonia


Following the woeful failure to crush down the Ambazonia uprising and the refusal to dialogue with so called “secessionist terrorists,” La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) has envisaged the urgent need to implement a MASS MURDER SCHEME in Ambazonia, the year 2000 style OPERATIONAL COMMAND that lead to the death of an estimated 1,000 people.

It is evident that without any strategy in place and having exhausted several options, LRC is now working on trial and error in what can be best described as A LEAP IN THE DARK.

LRC killed in Bamenda in December 2016 then they later arrested Anglophone leaders in January 2017 yet it didnt work, then they shut down the internet for 93 days, at the request of some SW elite yet it didnt work. They arrested 500 more yet it failed again. On September 22nd 2017 more civilians were killed and it failed. On October 1 same year, Chadian troops disguised as LRC police and helicopter gunships were employed till even more yet it didnt work. LRC moved on to declare war on November 30 2017 yet that hasnt been able to quell the uprising.

More Chadian troops were employed yet it failed. 200 pygmy sorcerers were sponsored by LRC to cast spells on the land yet it failed. Many people were bribed to do the dirty job yet again it failed. French soldiers have stepped in with specialized shepherd dogs yet there is no visible end in sight as the fighting in Belo has never stopped.

With depleting finances and an army that is not only suffering from usury being dawn apart on several fronts at the same time and the grudging nature of things here, LRC is desperate for the magic wand that will stop the violence so that elections can hold to make Biya the life president.

Within the present context, it is difficult to talk about holding credible elections in Ambazonia and this will play against Biyas embattled presidency in the minds of the World as Foreign Diplomats have motioned against his long stay in power and on his inability to resolve the crisis. As well, some African leaders are indirectly speaking to LRC by deciding not to present themselves in future elections.

LRC is seriously considering instituting the year 2000 OPERATIONAL COMMAND so as to commit mass murder in Ambazonia as it was then.

A certain French businessman called NOURI who was based in Douala was murdered by unknown men who posed for bandits. It was later reported that this French man was involved in a shady deal with some LRC partners and he ended up double-crossing his partners, reason why he was killed.

France demanded an explanation from Biya and in response, Biya deployed troops to encircle and lock down the entire Douala in the name of fighting against banditry.

The killer squad was given specific instructions to capture and silently execute anyone who was suspected of theft, without any proof or without being convicted by a Law Court.

That is how people were picked up by day and by night and silently executed without the knowledge of their families.

The two military commanders who lead this operation were PHILIP MPAYE and DOUALA MASSANGO. That is how Douala Massango was made General, after spilling enough blood. When you want to rise in the military, you spill as much blood as possible.
In the midst of all these extrajudicial killings, no lawyer ever raised a finger as to such violations of the law, in a country that claims to respect the Rule of Law. The only people who raised a finger against these atrocities were CARDINAL TUMI and late journalist PIUS NJAWE. Tumi did his investigations and mentioned that people were executed without trial and they were buried in mass graves around the Douala airport by LRC military.

Pius Njawe dared and denounced these military atrocities in his publications and he was detained several my, perhaps more than Albert Mukong because he dared the regime.

TRICIA OBEN of FM105 Douala made a report on the story and at once, a killer squad was dispatched to silently eliminate her. She went into hiding even though some said she flew abroad overnight and she only resurfaced when she got some international assurance, having spent many years abroad.

From then on, Tumi’s relationship with Biya severed and the former escaped repeated assassination attempts from the Biya regime. (BOOK; The Political Regimes of Ahidjo and Biya…)

There were actually several mass graves. The bigger mass graves where LRC buried soldiers at midnight were situated around LIKOKI New Lay Out, Mudeka, on the Tiko-Douala road.

The alarm blew out when a certain Police man of Ambazonia origin picked up an entire family in Bepanda because his concubine accused them of having stolen her gaz bottle.

The said uniformed man used his police influence to pick up a family of 9 Persons from Bepanda and that family was never found.

That is what was later known as the BEPANDA 9 affair.
Journalists were intimidated and threatened with death if they ever reported the truth about this affair. That is how the entire ills of the Operational Command were brought to light and several families mentioned the disappearances of their loved ones and these people were never found.

Those who by some error didnt have identity cards were also picked up and executed by Biyas army.
That is how an estimated 1,000 people were silently executed because of the death of a single French man, without ever being tried or found guilty by a Court of Law. Biya was ready to go that far in order to protect his throne.

As mentioned by so many, LRC is just an overseas French province with Biya as governor who receives direct orders from Elysee.

It is the same drama biya wants to unfold in Ambazonia in order to protect the French interests in exchange for their backing of Biyas life-long dictatorship.

Macron made all the noise during his campaigns about sit-tight African leaders, about France -Afrique and about dumping the Franc CFA, so what has changed since he took office/ how different is macron from other French Presidents?

As the adage goes, no sentiments in foreign relations, only permanent interests so governments change but the LIES remain the same.

Has macron denounced the brutality, the War Crimes and the Human Rights Abuses in Ambazonia? As French interests are involved he has kept sealed lips as opposed to other Foreign Governments.

Instead, macron made a trip to Nigeria to speak about LRC where he mentioned greater Decentralization and an Inclusive Government. When the truth was that Macron solicited the help of Nigerian military intervention to beef up LRC depleted troops.

This happened at almost the same time when the Chadian who heads the African commission (FAKI MAHAMAT) came visiting LRC and RENE SADI rushed to Chad with a sealed letter for IDRIS DEBY.

We can link up the dots to get a clearer picture and understanding of the current geopolitics.

BUHARI needs to please the French so that the French can in return back his candidacy in the next election amidst political crisis in his party and his human right record in the North that could land him in the ICC.

Operational envisaged mass murder scheme in Ambazonia

As for the Chadians, their petroleum transits through LRC, besides, being land-locked, Chadian goods transit through Douala sea port so there is always the need to retain good relations between both Chad and LRC. At a certain point, it was Biya who disbursed billions from LRC state treasury to rescue Chad as their government couldnt raise enough money to pay their salaries.

Things had to be done speedily to avert any uprising against IDRIS DEBY and it was done at the same time when LRC teachers who had not been paid for over six years had gone on strike.

Yet again, IDRIS DEBY has to play along with the French so that the French can back his life dictatorship in return.

France will in turn use its VETO at the UN Security Council to avert any unpleasant decision against the track records of these African despots as they fight to protect French interests that are at stake.

The plan is to get as many troops as possible to lock down all the towns and villages in Ambazonia and kill as much as possible so that relative calm can reign and Biya can be reelected as life president. Without which, the elections wont have any credibility. The emphasis here isnt about solving the problem but about Biyas re-election.

As per Political Strategists post of 16 July 2018, AKERE DIVINE ACHU mentioned that the Nigerian House of Assembly has denounced the sending of 2,000 Nigerian troops into Ambazonia soil. Buhari already faces tough times as to the violation of international law and the criminal behavior he exhibited in the abduction and illegal extradition of Ayuk Julius and co.

My take;

Nigeria shares a long border with Ambazonia and wont want to meddle into such a conflict that will spill over to their soil; Taraba State and Cross River State.

Nigeria has a plethora of its own problems that are yet to be solved so why extend to put out fire in a neighboring house when theirs is still on fire?

Nigeria itself has not solved its Biafra separatist problem,

Then we have the Fulani herdsmen untold massacre in the North

Then we have the unending Niger Delta problem in the creeks.

Involvement of the Nigerian army in Ambazonia could backpedal against the Nigerians and the spill-over effect cannot be neglected.

Nigeria has an estimated 4 million citizens and businessmen both in Ambazonia and in LRC and this could not only hamper economic ties but could put their population here in danger.

The refugee aspect cannot be over emphasized mindful of the fact that more than 5 Nigerian Local Government Areas are already bearing the burden of refugees in Nigeria and an extensive military action will only worsen the situation.

Cross border crime, proliferation of diseases, the proliferation of fire arms and generalized instability in the entire region cannot be neglected.

Many tribes in Ambazonia are mirrored in Nigeria; we are brothers after all and

We have Munchi SC and Munchi Nigeria

Tiv SC and Tiv Nigeria

Boki SC and boki Nigeria to name a few

Strangely enough, the people we claimed were/are our brothers who were fully aware of the ills of the operational command in year 2,000 are the ones calling for it so as to massacre Anglophones. I can only be appalled at the arrogance with which the French paper mentioned the subject.

However, this Operational Command will not be an easy walk over at it was in year 2,000. Things will be different;

Anglophones are fighting for something legitimate, as opposed to the bandits and purported bandits of Year 2000. When you fight for something legitimate, the enthusiasm is different from someone who is committing a crime.

The surface area involved will play in the disfavor of LRC. Locking down the every nook and cranny of two huge regions wont be a piece of chocolate.

The year 2,000 Operation took place within civilization only but that of 2018 will involve a lot of jungle operations.

In 2000, the people may not have been armed but in 2018, the people are armed and they will mount a fierce resistance against the oppressor.

Whatever it is, a military crackdown will never resolve this crisis. The people are determined and remain resolute.

Struggle Intensifies!


BaretaNews Contributor

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Serbia and Cameroun: The same Nations, The Same Crimes








Serbia and Cameroun: The same Nations, The Same Crimes

Recently, Amnesty International has petitioned Serbia from selling arms to La Republique as a result of Cameroun gross human rights violations in both Cameroons. Daniel Kuper, gives us a background of Serbia similarities with Cameroun and why Southern Cameroonians must be steadfast until we arrive Buea. Read on

Serbia is NOT different from LRC. She was confronted with the same problem as La Republique Du Cameroun-LRC. In 1998, the majority of Kosovars said with one voice that they had had enough of their marginalisation in the union with Serbia. They asked for a peaceful separation of Kosovo from Serbia. However, Dictator Milosevic of Serbia said his country was “one and indivisible”.

He then sent his terrorist soldiers to Kosovo. Serbian military, paramilitary and police forces in Kosovo committed a wide range of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other violations of international humanitarian and human rights law: forced expulsion of Kosovars from their homes; burning and looting of homes, schools, religious sites and healthcare facilities; detention, particularly of military-age men; summary execution; rape; violations of medical neutrality; and identity cleansing.

In the end, the Kosovars won and in 2008 Kosovo became independent. Southern Cameroonians should continue to defend themselves and their motherland because, in the end, SC will also become independent.

LRC can NEVER EVERwin this war. Dictator Milosevic could not keep Serbia “one and indivisible”. He died as a prisoner at the ICC. Dictator Biya can NEVER keep his LRC “one and indivisible” because SC will separate. He will die in the prison of the ICC like Milosevic. A LUTA CONTINUA

For BaretaNews

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