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PCC Synod Clerk on 2nd January March: “Keep The Faith!”



“Keep The Faith!”

My dear Kongnyuy, I’ve read your letter. I understand your frustration at the pace things are moving. That’s the way your generation feels. You know, the youths think they know everything, but the elderly know they know something.
This is the reason why we your seniors are often slow to act. We take time to way the pros and cons. Never engage in any line of action without having an answer to the question, “What if…?”

You say you guys want to force the hand of Mbarga through march and praise and that your inspiration is that it was march and praise that brought down the walls of Jericho.
As it is, the crumbling of the Jericho walls was not so much about march and praise; it was so much the discipline and oneness of purpose that the marchers had!

You know what? When scabies is on the buttocks, then there’s work for the fingers! Mbarga and Ali are not also finding it easy. Serves them right!

Oh yes, Victoria United paved the way with their slogan of “One people, one power!” (Opopo).
Unity is strength! Secondly make sure that nobody should have even a common catapult! Did I say common catapult? Not at all! If you were to resurrect Goliath, he will warn me never to call a catapult common!

I won’t cease reminding you that all it takes is the force of the argument and never the argument of force. Do not allow anybody with a contrary spirit join you. Be vigilant that Mbarga doesn’t use your sell-out half siblings to infiltrate your rank and file! Remember what I told you about emperor Nero!

In the meantime, “beware the ides of March!” This time around it comes on December 27th and 31st. Since 1st January 2017 falls on Sunday, be sure that Monday 2nd will be a public holiday; in which case everybody can march to anywhere!

Keep the faith as we await to commemorate the birth of the Prince of Peace! Have faith, that is “be sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see” (Heb. 11:1). Keep on the persistence, for “persistence produces positive results!”

Merry Christmas and very fulfilling days ahead! God bless you and peace be with you!

PCC Synod Clerk

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