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PCC Moderator Wept as Southern Cameroonians Rally in support of Church Leaders



Today June 5th saw the case against the people of Cameroon vs the Baptist, Presbyterian and Catholic Church leaders. The court cases took place in Bamenda and Buea. Christians and Southern Cameroonians came out in their numbers to support the men of God.

The incident didn’t go unnoticed as La Republique Forces blocked all major entrances in courts in both Buea and Bamenda. Hungry looking military were every where.Our reporter wrote:

“….Hundred of Christians blocked at finance junction from marching up to the court with the Bishops. The entrance through the GRA also blocked. More than a 200 catholic christians from kumbo blocked at bambui junction since 5am not to enter town but hundreds of Christians who live in mandankwe, Akum and Santa already crowded infront of the palaise de justice Bamenda. The heat is unbearable as almost all the priests in the Bamenda ecclesiastical are expected in court this morning….”

Updates from Bamenda indicated that in court the Arch Bishop of Bamenda was accused by the judge for working with BaretaNews to mobilize Southern Cameroonians to march. A charge which was rubbished by the defending lawyers. La Republique are losing it. Southern Cameroonians are taking charge of their future.
BaretaNews is only a medium to emancipate and promote the struggle and yes we shall not give up or never stop.

One of the emotional most moment today in Buea was when the moderator of the PCC Rev Fonki wept as he became so emotional addressing his Christians.

The court case has been adjourned to July 24th

It should be recalled that the Mezam SDO earlier banned any rally or marching in Bamenda. The people defiled it and came out in their numbers as they closed down their shops because it’s a ghost town day. La Republique military had no choice than to watch on as the people marched and sang. However, later on a military water canon came to disrupt the march. The people still continued.

If the people remains united and kill out fear. If we come out in our numbers holding hands and peace plants, La Republique military will be powerless. All military in this world are powerless in front of women. If our women and mothers take the lead, the story will be different.

We have had enough. We must plan for a million march in the future to ask for our restored state.

We now look forward to Wednesday Court case against our leaders and people. We continue to call for the unconditional release of our leaders and people.

Stay tuned with BaretaNews.

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