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Online Polls Reveal Solution to the War in the Cameroons



An online poll by veteran researcher Ndoh Emmanuel has been created to gather public opinion on the best possible solutions to the ongoing war in the Cameroons. The poll, hosted on the popular polling platform Ferendum is gathering popularity as persons concerned with the 3-year old armed conflict vote to express their opinions. At a time when parliamentary and municipal elections are being forced upon the people of Southern Cameroons, many have decided to express themselves by voting otherwise.
The poll poses a simple question: What’s the best solution to the conflict in “the Cameroons”?
Five options are then proposed:
  1. A U.N organized referendum for the people of Southern Cameroons.
  2. A negotiated settlement between the government of Cameroon and the leaders of Southern Cameroons.
  3. Restoring the 2-state federation of La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons.
  4. Supporting current steps taken by the government of Cameroon to resolve the conflict.
  5. None of the above.

Although it is too early to judge as the poll is only 15days old, the current leading trend, that which suggests a U.N organized referendum for the people of Southern Cameroons to decide their future may remain the most popular opinion especially among Ambazonians for as long as the poll will remain open.

The least popular opinion so far is opinion 4, that which suggests that steps taken by the government of Cameroon so far can resolve the conflict.
Some people argue that the poll is open to anyone for voting and that is a drawback because some people with little or no knowledge about the conflict may be voting. In addition to that, some people believe that, Southern Cameroonians, being a minority group, would easily be outnumbered if citizens of La Republique du Cameroon decided to vote on the poll massively.
Personally speaking, I agree that the poll like most other polls won’t be perfect and exact in figures but the trends of a poll are usually not wrong. The 5 options suggested in the poll are more or less representing most of the opinions most people have regarding the conflict and yet not all the opinions. That’s why you see some people voting for option 5 which is “None of the above.” I believe that the total number of voters will speak and the total number of voters of each opinion will also mean something. My team of analysts and I monitor the poll daily, collect snapshots of progress made and watch out for dramatic changes. It is also important to note that the poll is not open only to people from the two sides in conflict. It is open to anyone interested in the conflict and there are a lot of institutions and people that follow developments in the Cameroons closely.
We hope that this poll serves as a modest contribution that helps media outlets reporting on the conflict, scholars researching and writing about the conflict, the powers that be as far as solving the conflict is concerned and become a part of the history no matter how the conflict finally gets resolved.
Your vote counts!
Ndoh Emmanuel for Bareta News
January 10th 2020

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