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New Shifts in War Tactics Ambazonians Must Beware of



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New Shifts in War Tactics Ambazonians Must Beware of

Frustration is growing within the ranks of soldiers of La Republique du Cameroun. The quick win that was expected when Paul Biya declared the war seems further away than had been anticipated. Resources that were considered more than enough for the war are fast dwindling. Ambazonia Restoration Forces, who were supposed to be bullied, intimidated and crushed in no time are gaining psychological strength, scoring small victories, making territorial gains and growing in numbers. As more and more soldiers from the almighty army of La Republique du Cameroun recount their ordeal in the jungles of Ambazonia, their commanders are desperate for new methods that can help them score some victories or at best force a win on the resisting self-defense units.

The scorched earth policy ordered by La Republique du Cameroun commanders was meant to cut Ambazonians off their source of livelihood and force them to surrender. The strategy inflicted the desired damage on the population but also galvanized them to fight for survival. Many of them, having lost their families, homes and businesses have taken the fight personally now and are out to inflict pain on the invader. As they resist from the hideouts in forests, soldiers of La Republique du Cameroun have now started invading farmlands, harvesting away whatever is ready and destroying what isn’t ready to be carried away. Ambazonians with their families in the bushes should stampede their cattle or drive them into hideouts too. They should harvest and stock food in hideouts because the invader’s new strategy is to cut off any resources that can still sustain the little life left in them.

New orders from La Republique du Cameroun’s hierarchy now allow soldiers to invade hospitals treating wounded civilians and arrest or kill them in bed. Hospitals administration had already being notified not to treat any wounded Ambazonians and report all cases brought in from the battlegrounds. Although this might sound extremely unethical to medical practitioners around the world and people from civilized societies, it is happening in this war against Ambazonia as numerous cases are now being reported of wounded civilians forced out of their hospital beds without proper treatment. Mbingo Hospital in the Northern Zone and Mary Health of Africa Hospital in the Southern Zone, two outstanding hospitals that have done a great job treating the wounded from the war, are now under serious pressure to either refuse giving treatment to wounded Ambazonians or admit them and turn them over to La Republique military officials. Ambazonia Restoration Forces need medic teams within their ranks if they don’t want to be trapped in hospitals. Hospitals run by La Republique du Cameroun or private institutions are no longer safe and reliable. Beware!

Another new twist emerging from the war is hostility against Ambazonians in La Republique du Cameroun towns. The case of Bintoum, Boumba-Et-Ngoko Division, East region where Ambazonians were chased out is the most recent case after that of Dschang two weeks ago. These are signs of more terrible days ahead. La Republique du Cameroun’s army has so far adopted a mute strategy regarding the death toll within its ranks fooling family members of dead soldiers that their siblings were fighting in classified locations. News of the truth is now beginning to filter out. Enraged friends and family members of dead soldiers are beginning to pressure hierarchy to explain the whereabouts of their children or at least bring home their corpses for burial. As this pressure mounts, sooner or later we are like to see more hostilities against Ambazonians in towns across the territory of La Republique du Cameroun that might lead to loss of property and even lives. This is therefore the right time to alert Ambazonians residing or seeking refuge in La Republique du Cameroun to take necessary measures to protect themselves, their properties and families, or simply leave and return to Ambazonia. Do not wait until xenophobia knocks on your doors in La Republique du Cameroun. The fact that in this war Ambazonians have decided not to attack citizens of La Republique du Cameroun but their regime doesn’t mean that they will not attack Ambazonians in their country. Things are inevitably getting to that stage soon. Beware!

The emergence of fake Ambazonia defense units sponsored by La Republique du Cameroun agents like Atanga Nji is also something to worry about because this new strategy also involves some prominent persons and chiefs in Ambazonia. It is a very destabilizing strategy from La Republique du Cameroun and Ambazonia Restoration Forces must be more than ever vigilant and tighten their ranks against such infiltration.

In every war it is important to watch the opponent’s shift in tactics closely and adjust accordingly. The best way to fight a new strategy is to put in place counter measures before the new strategy is fully executed.

Written by
Ndoh Emmanuel

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