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Morning Reflection: What type of Ambazonian Are You?



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Top 10 Groups Slowing down Ambazonia’s Independence Restoration


Knowing those who constitute the obstacle to our independence restoration is equal to solving a big part of the equation. Knowing them well means knowing who they are, where they are, what they do, how they do it and why they do it. This list is an attempt to identify these groups and a wake-up call to all Ambazonians to look for the obstacles within the house first before looking out far across the land for the enemy we all know.


  1. Fake Ambazonian Revolutionaries: These are the closest enemies of the revolution. They live fulltime in the revolution, mourn with us, plan with us but are actually using the revolution for personal selfish ends. In this category, you find people who are very appealing, active and sympathetic with everything happening in the revolution. They rarely strike but when they do, they hit us hard. One such hit was that which got President Sissiku Ayuk Tabe and his cabinet arrested. Remember, their biggest cover is their pretentious fight for the restoration of our independence.


  1. Ambazonians in the private sector in La Republique du Cameroun: When people on ground zero cast stones at Ambazonians living in other continents for not coming home to fight for motherland I always ask, how about Ambazonians living closest to motherland? Have you ever heard of any group of Ambazonians in La Republique du Cameroun stage even a small peaceful demonstration for the struggle? I mean the ones operating in the private sector in La Republique du Cameroun in total freedom without even the strings of the Civil Service. This particular group of Ambazonians is the most inactive group in the revolution. The crisis-related activity you find among them most often is to help other Ambazonians leave motherland to their homes, live in hiding and continue serving the enemy quietly. No wonder all the attention is on the number of Ambazonia refugees in Nigeria. In fact the number in La Republique du Cameroun is more.


  1. Ambazonians in La Republique du Cameroun’s Civil Service: From the biggest “moguls” of this category like Philemon Yang and Atanga Nji to the least “chochoro” ones like office clerks, they all aim at one goal; to serve the master by all means possible, even if it means death for their own people. This category has two sub categories: Those that serve the master wholeheartedly and those who serve the master dubiously. Both sub categories are stumbling blocks on our way to independence.


  1. Ambazonian Men and women of God, Chiefs, traditional doctors, parliamentarians, mayors, councilors and economic operators residing in Ambazonia but loyal to La Republique du Cameroun: They are the main reason why most boycott campaigns in Ambazonia don’t work effectively. They are the reason we have never hit a 100% “ghost towns” rate in Ambazonia. They are also beneficiaries of the biggest investment against the revolution by the enemy. We usually just refer to them casually as sellouts and mostly just referring to the few that come out openly against the revolution but in fact the number behind the scenes is more. They are firmly rooted in our land and we hold many of them in this category in very high esteem. Wake up! They are stumbling blocks on our way to Buea.


  1. “Japanese-hand-brake” stingy type Ambazonians living abroad: The number in this category is alarmingly in millions. They do everything for the revolution but have never spent a cent on the revolution. Don’t get me wrong; they support the revolution, just not financially. They remind me of an old proverbial warning my grandma had: “Don’t save your nails and die of scabies.” Well they are saving their money and dying of La Republique du Cameroun. If only half of this category decided to use their money in this revolution we would be in Buea next week.


  1. Weak-minded Ambazonians: They give their all from the beginning but are lacking in resistance and endurance. They want quick results and as soon as those results don’t show up they become bitter. They lose hope in the revolution and find someone to blame or turn against the very persons they supported a few months back. When they lose their initial motivation because of one or two setbacks they become stumbling blocks as they turn to discourage comrades with negative ideas.


  1. The Reed in the Tide: Like in this poem by J.P Clark, these Ambazonians rise and fall with the revolutionary tide. They usually don’t have any initiatives of their own but go with any initiative available. They float with the wind and contribute to any fund. They are easy to be won over by new heroes. They stall the revolution in the fact that they have no steady sense of focus and more often than not spread their resources out to waste on things that might not really be helping the revolution.


  1. Stubborn Revolutionaries: Some of our comrades in this revolution have become an obstacle to the progress of the revolution through their stubbornness. They have stuck with their own principles, ideologies and strategies, forgetting that a revolution by nature requires changes and adjustments in principles, ideologies and strategies. Certain occurrences should affect our reactions and next steps. That’s how we have evolved to the current situation we are living in now. If we still do the things we did in 2016 we will get nothing but the results we got in 2016. If we want change, we must change ourselves and our ways of doing things.


  1. Instinctive revolutionaries: They act without taking time to think about the possible consequences of their actions. With such emotional actions, thorough reasoning only comes after the damage has already been done. Enemies of the revolution know this weakness most of our fighters have and make good use of it from time to time.


  1. Ambazonian social media warriors: Although considered to be the biggest strength of the revolution, that was mostly true in the early stages of the revolution when spreading news of the truth, facts, figures and rallying Ambazonians were the main goals. The revolution has evolved into an armed conflict. The use of social media has also evolved into media warfare, which is now becoming a stumbling block to the progress of the revolution. Do our social media warriors now focus on getting more social media fame, fighting other social media rising stars or they still think of the actual goal which is to help the people focus on getting to Buea? Are we using social media or social media is using us? It’s time to rethink our social media strategies. While we call on our self-defense warrior groups to unite under one umbrella we should not forget to call ourselves on social media to unite under one umbrella and goal too.


Question: What category of Ambazonian are you in this revolution and do you know you are a stumbling block on our way to Buea? I see guilt on your face and that is a good thing because; admitting there is a problem is the first step towards solving the problem.



Ndoh Emmanuel

For BaretaNews

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