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Friday, December 26th, 2019

In the spirit of true democracy and debate, for the first time and as a Godfather of Southern Cameroons modern-day activism, I shall respond to Uchiba Nelson as one of the most upcoming activists but who has tainted his activism with the greatest conspiracy theorist of our times. Uchiba has asked SCAAF some 17 questions. I have not been mandated by SCAAF to respond but as an activist and a member of SCAAF, I will be responding to him. All responses stated here as mine and mine alone. It does not represent SCAAF or any other bodies in this revolution. I am again obliged to respond to continue the healthy debate and most especially to end the year by debunking any lies telling. We will enter 2020 with the motto: LET THE TRUTH PREVAIL AND SPEAK WE SHALL.

I shall pose the questions unedited as written by Uchiba Nelson and respond accordingly

Uchiba Nelson Introduction: SCAF: I also have my own 17 questions for Milton. Not that I recognize SCAF but because you allowed someone asks questions. How SCAF was constituted, who vetted them is a matter to be addressed on another day. Though I must stress it wasn’t constituted democratically and therefore not representative, SCAF is very polarized and biased. However, ask Milton and Ayuk camp these:

Mark Bareta Response: Uchiba Nelson-UN must first understand that it is SCAAF not SCAF. It is good that the name of the organization is duly written. It is very strange for UN to question how SCAAF was constituted when he is not a member. Just to be clear, SCAAF is an activist’s front which brought together activists. SCAAF has a constitution voted into place by its members and executives of SCAAF are duly elected amongst its members. SCAAF is the most diverse groups with members who have soft spots and/or are affiliates to every group or leaders in this revolution. In this revolution, no group not even the so-called IGs have the duly elected mandate to talk on/behalf of Ambazonia because none has been duly elected. That is why SCAAF like any other organisation including the IG was created with few persons bringing themselves together to better organise or coordinate Ambazonia Revolution. SCAAF has never claimed to speak for Ambazonia that is why only a joint front of all known groups can collectively speak for Ambazonia and end the war. But if I may ask UN these questions? Who elected members of their restoration council? Who are they? Who do they represent? And who elected Sako their President of a country called Ambazonia? So, you see, no one can claim absolute control or authority over Ambazonia until an election is done by the people. SCAAF may if they like tomorrow transform themselves too into a Government of Ambazonia and declare themselves a third IG and get into the political field, there is nothing any of you will do. Anyone can do this. Let me now respond to Uchiba’s questions.

1.What was the point of asking or having concerns about Dr Sako whom you sacked long ago after APNC?


SCAAF after meeting both the communications department of IG, decided to bring both secretaries of states together with activists. In the letter addressed to them, both Milton and Anu were addressed the same, in the same letter. When the meeting started, both individuals were given the floor to respond. Milton spoke first and asked Chris 17 questions. Chris when he had the floor said he will respond to those questions in his new book. He had no concerns or raised a worry. Nobody in the meeting coerced or forced Chris to respond to those questions and the meeting ended well all accepting the resolutions. SCAAF is not in the minds of these individuals to determined what they say. I think it must be noted that SCAAF is not APNC or whatever was done there, SCAAF is concerned about cohesion and unity and recognized that both IGs are stakeholders, they have their following and getting them together will solve some puzzles in our revolution. Should we also say that Chris Anu-Sako IG that sacked Akwanga and others but yet still working with them very closely without reversing the sack or ban? What about that?

2.How is Dr Sako and Chris Anu preventing Ayuk, Yerima and others from fighting lrc?

The question should be: How is President Ayuk, Yerimah stopping Chris and blue and white surrogates from fighting French Cameroun? Because what I see, I see a focused President from jail whose words and actions have brought us good news across international circles. I see a VP Yerimah who is not concerned about attacks but doing his own bid for Ambazonia. But let us look at the other side. Since the evil of a conspiracy and lies against President Sisiku and the team, what have we seen? We have seen a sustained attack every day on ABC against President Sisiku from one lies to the next. We have seen Chris Anu banning activists left and right. We have seen Chris Anu over ABC over the time with the worst lies and conspiracy theories ever seen in our revolution. We have seen fake profiles with fake names like Kemi Ashu, General of Blue and White Army on social media with sustained lies and attacks on anyone who does not worship their glorified Leader Sako. So, tell me who are those not focused on fighting LRC?

3.On what grounds you, Ayuk and others decided to take power from Balla. Ayuk and the rest supported Balla be replaced as consortium president. What was Balla’s crime or just because he was in jail? How is Balla jail different from Ayuk’s jail?

I seemed not to understand this question. T is not well crafted. It is written to confuse minds who do not have a grip on the situation at hand. No power was taken from Barrister Balla, before he went to jail, he was a Federalist. When he left jail, he was still a federalist. But he left jail to meet a revolution that has transformed into total independence call. The Consortium had no choice than to replace Barrister and that was done only after their release. Despite all innuendos and words against Barrister Balla when they were in jail, the revolution protected and defended their integrity. We did not let them be roasted by Cameroun. AS a consortium leader then, we did all to stand by Barrister Balla. President Sisiklu received instructions from Tapang Ivo and myself, and led demonstrations in Nigeria. Not only that, he took care of early refugees flooding into Nigeria. This is called servant leadership.

  1. Who vetted Ayuk and his team. Milan for example is said was working with United nations in what capacity and which office?

This is the hypocrisy I see with lots of people who support the Fako led faction. These are the same people who crucified others in the good old days when questions were raised against Milan since the SCACUF-Governing Council days. At that time even Dr. Sako using his commonsense platform on Facebook never allowed someone to sleep. You guys all defended this Milan and even rose against Deacon Tassang when the issue of SCAPAC came up. And strangely all of you with your loud master Steve Neborg are asking the same questions others asked years ago. Why? Because your support is fake. They are not based on principles. They are based on the politics and ties you have developed. President Sisiku and team was duly elected at 3rd Conclave and made head of Governing Council-remember all of you worshipped him then even before his abductions. How can you support a man when he was of vetted? Have you guys forgotten so soon my various positions and a host of us during the SCACUF-Governing Council days even when we did support the outfit, we called it out when necessary. Have you guys forgotten so soon? When you guys were singing Halelujah and now you asked about vetting? When Sisiku was declared President at 4t Conclave and asked to form a government, a move some of us came against hugely before letting it go, why didn’t you guys asked questions about vetting? People of little faith

  1. What was the purpose of Nera meeting . Why is it classified and sensitive as Milan stated? Where exactly is the contract of SCBC, a TV created with our money. Who was Vice president xxx, general xxx?

When John Mbah Akuroh cried about VP XXXX, all of you in that Sako group asking questions now. What was your response? You bullied Akuroh, called him all types of names. What changed now? Can you guys apologise to Akuroh for being foresight and asking about these issues then? How come you guys are so concerned about VP XXX when you had the opportunity to know but bullied Akuroh. You guys talk about SCBC contract. Ask Dr. Sako about SCBC contracts. If he is a sincere human being and an actual man of God, he will tell you he has that contract. In terms of Nera, ask DR. Sako. President Sisiku told him, oh I forgot, you guys can ask deacon Tassang. Aren’t you guys talking with him?

  1. Why was Ayuk resisting audits as we heard from leaked audios, he covered Milan about scapac money.

Is it this same SCAPAC issue that you guys rained insults on Harriet and myself when we went to Zaira and was refused entry? Is this same SCAPAC that you guys crucified Deacon Tassang when he was on it? Is this same SCAPAC that you guys crucified Akuroh when he was it? So, are u guys telling us that at that when you were defending SCAPAC, you found nothing on it and suddenly as questions were asked about MTBB, SCAPAC issues are now problematic? So now you guys are talking about a SCAPAC audit when you guys back then said everything was ok. What really has changed? How come after SCAPAC people’s enthusiasm to contribute money never died, they still paid their citizens levy and contributed hugely to MTTB? Why are we not seeing the same after MTTB failure came to light?

  1. What has become of all the money over 1.2 billion cfa collected by Ayuk worldwide and is Tabenyang answerable to the people or Ayuk?

Mr. Conspiracy theorist, where did the 1.2 Billion CFA came about? Who made known that statistics? These are just part of the bigger lies to cover the thievery of the Sako led group. It is just like saying Sako can steal because the person behind him stole. No way, Ambazonia will not be built like that. People will be held responsible for their individual actions. When President Sisiku is out and there are due concerns, he will answer. For now, he and all others in jail are SAINTS.

  1. What do you make of activists who have turned their fight against us for 8 months and have failed to report on lrc atrocities, not even raising funds for the revolution, instead asking people not to contribute, embracing the BAS, stating the long awaited national dialogue is here, praised R358 calling for federation. These activists claim they have explained our problem to Karen Bass, how come Karen Bass office is instead talking of federation, Ambassador Cohen you brought telling us we are not viable for independence thus in support of a federation. Why have you and Ayuk been working for a federation agenda, yet fooling us. Why would you trust activists who told ground zero there is no government, the diapora has been telling them lies, activists who promote kidnappings, and you guys embracing Batibo massacres suspects, those inflicting pain on our people?

What is your government doing? Why haven’t they been able to break open Karen Bass office or even one senator in USA and talk with him? The lies every day that President Sisiku and team, as well as some activists, are for federation is not sticking. All actions from President Sisiku from jail are tailoured towards independence or resistance forever. We have seen how the international community has reacted with all major news organs. We have seen how our forces and people responded on the ground during this year’s independence celebration. What else can you guys say? You guys whose own government has written several letters to US Government, why are they still not talking of separation? Should we now as well claimed Sako is for federation because he sits in America and does nothing diplomatically or that his letters have yielded no fruits? Yes, I have stated that it was a mistake to have a government. Now tell me what good thing a government has brought since December 2017 when President Sisiku announced? All the good days of the revolution were before the creation of a government? Tell me what good this government has brought if not of bribery, corruption, sabotage, banning of groups and making fighters to kill themselves from the manipulations and lies from these so-called government officials. So yes, President Sisiku biggest sin was the creation of this government and it is Zaira greatest mistake. Look at how the revolution has turned. Government brings politics and this is what has happened. I hope someday when President Sisiku is out, he will dissolve this mistake and join other groups in a true revolutionary council with military and diplomatic wing to finish the job to Buea.


  1. We declared on October 1st our independence from Lrc , on what basis did Yerima and Ayuk’s surrogates endorse Lrc national dialogue and asking leaders to delegate Ayuk as proxy that what changed?

President Sisiku and team, as well as other leaders and activists, have been clear on this Biya National Dialogue-TOTAL REJECTION it was. You cannot use some activists’ strategies to represent President Sisiku and team views. What President Sisiku and team stood for are known and published. Should I know consider these your questions as coming from the Sako led faction even though I personally received this from Prof Ayim, Sako’s Chief of Staff who sent it to me? No, I cannot consider Activists’ statements as coming from Sako especially when he has been clear on that likewise President Sisiku and team on Biya’s National dialogue were clear. Anything else is innuendos.

  1. We were matching all over the world because we wanted a country to speak on our behalf. Why are you and your camp out to destroy the Swiss talks? Why would you endorse Lrc national dialogue and want to crumble the Swiss talks? Which alternative is better? Lrc national dialogue that you endorsed or Swiss talks recognized internationally including America?

This is the exact problem with some Ambazonians who support this Swiss thing. It is already becoming a distraction because people now see it as a legacy, so they have forgotten everything else to concentrate on this. I have never seen this in my life. I have made several audios and write-ups on the Swiss and I have chastised those who opposed it and those who take it as a political platform Let me be clear again in a few lines. Those who subscribed to the Swiss have made their points and make the world to know we are not against dialogue. They have done well. Those who are against it are against it for well-founded reasons which are justifiable, and each party is supposed to supplement each other. Those are opposing it. They have offered questions and things that must be done to make the swiss process better and work for Ambazonia. Those for it are supposed to use this as an opportunity, leverage over the Swiss people to do the right thing. It was not supposed to be an attack against each other. Thus, those who subscribed to it should forget about it and wait when Cameroun comes on board. They have done their best. The world now knows who is against true dialogue. The focus should be ground zero so that our military strength is sustained. If we go into any negotiation weak as Southern zone is currently showing signs, then know that no truth or legal truths will make us win. We will win on the table if our forces on ground zero are strong otherwise even the Swiss will abandon you should they realize you are weak on the ground. This is basic politics 101. When it comes to the Swiss, I have been clear. I will not join the others to be singing hossana to the Swiss neither will I outrightly reject it. What I know is that I don’t trust any foreigner. I think this is where most Ambazonians are. Donald Trump on the day he was impeached by Congress used that fact to rally his supporters to contribute 5 million USD. What stops Sako-Boh-Akwanga since they formed their coalition team to use this majority they claimed and enthusiasm towards the Swiss thing to move around the globe raising money to arm ground zero? Don’t they trust themselves even? Why form a coalition when it cannot support ground zero? Is it just for political convenience? I want to see them jointly doing fundraising and getting hard wares for our forces on the ground.

  1. Why would Ayuk dismiss an “Anglophone lawyer” and take a francophone lawyer when issue of French lawyers was the main reason we started this revolution. Why has Ayuk not disclaimed claims made by Albert Dzongang that kamto and Mrc have concluded a deal with Ayuk for a one Cameroon in which no one shall want to separate again.

President Sisiku did not have to dismiss the lawyer. The lawyer acted in bath faith and had to leave by himself. The question should be why is it that the dozens of lawyers defending Sisiku have not gone or rise above him, but we see one man in the name of Barrister Nsoh who allowed greed to consume him and found refuge in Sako team? Look at how a strong voice for our revolution like his has been destroyed by the Anus and Sakos. Do you really expect President Sisiku to be responding to the many lies, and conspiracy theorists raised by the Chris Anu cabal? President Ayuk actions speak for themselves that is why the people of Ambazonia, our refugees, our forces and our prisoners of war still stand strong with him. For now, no shaking bro.

  1. Was the decision to create a parallel kondengui IG by Ayuk healthy for the revolution.? What do you make of the fact that Ayuk declared independence, created a government but was not reported by CRTV and other French channels and when Ayuk dissolved the IG, it was announced by CRTV and French television channels.

Why is it that when a dog bites a man it makes no news but when a man bites a dog it makes news? Why is it that on social media things of sex make news and go viral but things of the bible or gospel are slow? So, do you expect CRTV to broadcast good news about the revolution or for them to pick our mistakes and things that favours them? Chaii common sense is really not common. Let me again say this for the umpteenth time. President Sisiku never created any new government. He is the head of the executive in his government with powers to higher and fire, to restructure and structure. The constitution of IG is still in limbo and it is just an empty wasted document. Away from that, President Sisiku recalled the Cabinet as he left it- a cabinet that still included Sako, Anu, Ayim and a host of others. He recalled them to their various positions before he was abducted and put in place a new person to speak for him. Whether in jail or not, he has such powers and there are no regulators on that. Acting President Sako at that time should have obeyed instructions and fall back. No, he rebelled against the President and created his own government so yes, the only person who created a new government is Dr. Sako. His government is one born out of RESISTANCE. Take note that President Sisiku changed only the Cabinet he led and not the restoration council-other structures were still in place so yes, SAKO-ANU destroyed the IG and formed a resistance government. This must be stated very clearly.

  1. What is more important for Ayuk: concentrate for his liberation or try to rule from jail? Balla and co never attempt to rule from jail reason why no one tried to talk about them .It’s Ayuk’s attempt to clinch to power, rule from jail that is why Ambazonians are telling him that as Balla could not rule from prison ,the same applies for Ayuk and others. Ayuk is this the one bringing problems to himself in prison. Ayuk must know that Balla was released because he never resisted Ambazonians decision, therefore lrc knew Balla was irrelevant and thus released him. Ayuk’s attempt to rule from jail is why lrc wants to use him to obtain their objectives of one Cameroon.

President Sisiku is not ruling from jail. Do we understand the word ruling? He had a representative in the person of Sako and now it is Yerimah. Yerimah is now acting and yes, he can still have a say or voice on some issues. Uchiba Nelson and the Chris Anu ABC plus the blue and white gang are those who do not want President Sisiku to concentrate on his liberation. The real power mongers here are the Chris Anu-Sako Samuel axis and the team. They are drunk with power. There are things about Balla and Fontem and how we as Consortium leaders related them from jail I will say it some other time.

More questions coming.

Keep bringing the questions. As time permits us and when necessary, I shall be responding to all lies and manipulations.

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