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Mamfe Bishop Visits Amba Refugees in Nigeria







BaretaNews has learned of the visit of the Bishop of Mamfe Diocese to the Southern Cameroons Refugees centres in Nigeria. Rt. Rev. Dr. Andrew F. Nkea disclosed to National Telegraph’s Editor-in-chief, Eric Tataw his moments in Akwaya;

“I just returned to Mamfe after spending 31 December and new year’s day visiting a great part of the flock of the diocese of Mamfe who are refugees in various places in Nigeria. I stopped in Nashua and Emana to see them and bring some supplies for New Year.

Some of their stories are pathetic and the conditions under which they live is appalling. They are scattered all over the place and sleeping on verandas and open space like people without a Homeland. It was a great joy for shepherd and flock to be united again and the happiness of our visit almost moved us to tears.

Bishop visits

The same was true of the remnant of people in an almost deserted Akwaya town. New year day was full of dancing and rejoicing. We had prayed for peace during the Mass and we all walked into 2018 full of hope. Hope for a more peaceful and just society and hope that our displaced brothers and sisters return soonest to their homes and feel again like human beings and citizens of this country.

I met more calm and serenity in Akwaya than expected, but the trauma of past events leaves the people in doubt of their security. It is not a good situation to be in. We must all join hands, government, soldiers, population, to better the situation and work for peace.

Prayer is the key, but there is an urgent need to put love, justice and charity into practice. We thank God for the birth of Christ the Lord into our world, in whose days justice shall flourish and peace till the moon fails. +Andrew”

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