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LRC Goes Gaga; Terrorist Army Kills Mentally Deranged in Kumba








It is often said that; a man automatically becomes mad when he starts chasing mad men around for offending him. There is no doubt that all colonial forces in Ambazonia are mad dogs, considering the manner in which they have been executing the ominous war of their dying President, Paul Biya on the Ambazonian people. Nevertheless, the recent happening in Kake II, Kumba, where a colonial terrorist fired six shots at a mentally deranged, man shows how far they have become mad.

This act of frustration confirms popular reports that all colonial terrorists fighting in Ambazonia are on a daily dose of drugs. According to BaretaNews sources, the colonial officer was on guard in their make-shift Camp when the mentally retarded man came around. The aged old epileptic-mental patient is said to have been rubbing his hands on the walls of the building, when one of the terrorist soldiers raged at him. The raging was followed by a blinding slap on the old mental man’s face.

Sources say, the mental victim, replied with a heavy slap on the face of the colonial terrorists. In a typical colonial response, the Yaoundé terrorist fired six shots on the mentally retarded native. He was then abandoned on the streets to die in his pool of blood.

Such actions are obviously the signs and symptoms of frustrated forces. When a frustrated and hungry group of colonial terrorists cannot face the guerrilla warriors of Ambazonia, they resort to targeting harmless civilians, mentally retarded people, coupled with the looting and burning of properties. We should remind these terrorists from Yaoundé that whatever goes up must surely come down.

The ruthless war in Ambazonia is not justified from any dimension and so they cannot expect to get the support and blessings of God, natural law, the gods of Ambazonia and even the Ambazonian people. While they continue with their arrogant, colonial rampaging, it is just a matter of time and we shall know whether the land belongs to Paul Biya, their dying boss or the Ambazonian people.

James Agbor

Political Analyst, BaretaNews

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