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Low cost self defense strategy. Scratching/Itching Powder Resistance Strategy(SPRS)



Itching grass is a potent self-defense mechanism that should be used against the forces of LR and the schools that are threatening to sabotage our struggle.

How to obtain and prepare it:

1. For those who live in rural areas, go the bush and harvest this grass in large quantities, bring it back home and dry it, either under the sun or above the fireside.

2. When it is dry, grind it until it becomes like real powder.

3. Put it inside a small tangui bottle or plastic sachets and takeit to schools where students are studying.

4. Sprinkle it inside the classroom, so that when students come inthe next morning and sweep the class, the dust will float in the air and theywill start itching.

5. If the classes are locked, cut Indian bamboo with a hole inside.When you arrive the school, and the door is locked, put a good quantity insidethe Indian bamboo and blow it into the class in between the door/window latchesor cracks. The next morning when the students arrive, they will meet theirfriend waiting for them.

6. To use it against LR soldiers, have it in your pocket when thesoldiers are coming, open the plastic sachet and blow it in the air. Wind willcarry it towards them, and they will start feeling the effects within minutes.

7. It could also be sprinkled in the offices of those black legprincipals etc.

For this strategy to work effectively, some of the students who are going to class should be employed to apply it inside the class. Once itaffects many students, they will refrain from coming to school again.

8. It should be kept at home to be used against LR gendarmes whocome to arrest people in their houses. When you hear a knock on the door, getyour powder, and blow it in the face of the gendarme let it enter their eyesand face.

Be careful how you use because if will also burn you. Modify the application operandi to best fit your circumstance.

Aluta Continua

Handbook for Dissemination of the Batibo FaecesResistance Strategy (BFRS)


The Batibo Faeces Resistance Strategy(BFRS) presents a unique, affordable and effective as evident based on results deployed last,Feb, 11. 2017

By Makonge

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