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Lawyers Abandon Ayah Paul: Southern Cameroons Must Make His Case




Shortly after Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine, erstwhile sitting deputy Attorney General of the Supreme Court was abducted, a few lawyers showed up and proposed to defend him. They are barristers Kisob Luke, Ndong Christopher, Mbufor and Prof. Maurice Kamto. While KAMTO offered pro bono services, the other lawyers charged mouth-watery sums. It is understandable because being in the profession, they know how wealthy judges are. They thought AYAH was a very wealthy man. They were wrong! It would appear they’d come to have their own cut.

When these lawyers noticed that money wasn’t flowing as they expected, they began feet dragging. They wouldn’t even visit with their client prior to sessions, they wouldn’t even follow up with documentation at the courts. In fact, some of them even boasted that a certain house slave at the presidency, ATANGA NJI Paul had cornered them and offered irresistible sums to drop AYAH’s case. As for Maurice Kamto, he seems to have been threatened by Biya. When I contacted my source at the presidency, she was frank to state that she wasn’t aware if the presidency had warned Kamto.

The question that begs answers is that why would Prof Maurice KAMTO all of a sudden stop defending AYAH after showing so much enthusiasm at the beginning? Why have all the lawyers suddenly CUT OFF communication with their client? Did they have a rethink of the package Paul BIYA was offering through his errand boy, an illiterate slave and coconut head ATANGA NJI Paul? Besides, since the disappearance of AYAH’s court case file between the Yaounde Appeals Court and the Supreme Court, does it mean that that is the end for AYAH Paul? That the keys to his room at SED has been thrown into the Kribi river and his fate sealed? Lawyers, even you?

It is clear presidency has some very strong fear about AYAH Paul. They have banned the pronouncement of his name over their state TV, the lying CRTV. They have compromised private TV stations not to mention anything concerning AYAH. Without naming names, I know a famous private media house that has confided in me. Watch TV debates and no one talks about AYAH. The worse of it, the report of the Special Rep of the UN SG didn’t even have any line addressing the AYAH Case. Why would all the judges at the Appeals and High Courts of Yaounde be rewarded with promotion when they connived with the #idiet Laurent ESSO to throw out AYAH’s habeas corpus suit?

I do not know about you; but I REFUSE to forget my own. AYAH is our hero who fought tooth and nail in support for the struggle. We cannot assist La Repblique in killing AYAH Paul, the conscience of the Southern Cameroons. We all must wake up aggressively and tell AYAH’s case to the world. The two Southern Cameroons media outfits; the Southern Cameroons Televison, SCTV and the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation must take up AYAH’s case to the hilt. There is something you can do: Shame the enemy by making it a duty to tell the AYAH Paul story – share this post to the ends of the earth and or make a small write up and distribute on twitter.

Failure to speak up against evil is cooperating in it.


From a federalist to an ‘independentist’. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.

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