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Kumba Massacre: French Cameroun Reaction Spurs Condemnation



Kumba Massacre: French Cameroun Reaction Spurs Condemnation

By Mbah Godlove

As Ambazonians continue to mourn the killing of 7 school Children in Kumba recently, the Biya government has been criticized for its negative reactions.

According to the Colonial minister of communication Rena Sadi, St Franciscan International Bilingual Academy, the school where the killings were carried out is not recognized even though the school has been operating last year.

The senior divisional officer of Meme accused authorities of the said school for not calling uniformed officers when the institution came under attack. These are people who claimed that the state has ensured security for effective school resumption but have failed to offer protection to victims of the recent school shooting in Kumba

Commenting on the above statements, conflict analysts blamed the colonial administration for failing to empathize with victims of the invasion.

While people are concerned about the fatalities recorded in the raid, la Republique du Cameroun is focusing on the legal status of St Franciscan International Bilingual Academy.

It is on this account that many an Ambazonian has continued to indict the unruly regime soldiers for the killings.

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