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French Cameroon Sabotages its Own Back-to-School Campaign in Ambazonia



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French Cameroon Sabotages its Own Back-to-School Campaign in Ambazonia

From the Northern to the Southern zone of Ambazonia, the people have remained resolute of their determination to free the territory from the colonial shackles of French Cameroon. On the first day of French Cameroon’s planned back-to-school in Ambazonia for the 2018/2019 academic year, the whole territory rose up yesterday September 3, 2018 totally ghosted as the people stayed at home observing restoration day, also popularly known as ghost towns day or Contry-Sunday. Colonial terrorist agents on their part were in the field sabotaging the back-to-school campaign.

In the Northern zone, particularly in Bafut Local Government, the 7 Kata Restoration Forces engaged the colonial machinery at the Agyiati Gendarmerie Post destroying the place and felling down trees on the roads to prevent any reinforcement from the colonial agents from both ends of the town. In their confusion and frustration, some of the French Cameroon colonial agents went ahead kidnap some 9 students of the Presbyterian Girls Secondary School (PGSS) Bafut and their Principal. They also abducted students from other colleges who where on their way to school – all these in an attempt to blackmail the revolutionary forces of Ambazonia.

According to a release from the Secretary of State for Communication of the Ambazonian Interim Government (IG), Comrade Chris Anu, the IG received intelligence that French Cameroon terrorist soldiers in Baamenda were on Thursday August 30, 2018 instructed by their superiors to kidnap some students of PGSS Bafut in order to blame Amba restoration forces and attract sympathy from the Ambazonian people and the international community.

Chris Anu therefore dissociated the IG and Restoration forces from the act and reminded parents that what happened in Bafut is a well-planned strategy to be executed elsewhere in Ambazonia in the days ahead. He therefore cautioned parents of the inability of the IG to provide any security for their children if they decide to sent them to school in a war tone environment.

The bloody colonial regime has been preaching back-to-school in Ambazonia, knowing fully well that it hasn’t created the enabling school environment for any real learning to take place in these schools. The war it declared on the people of Ambazonia is still fully on with sporadic battles taking place every day in different communities across Ambazonia.

Masked Gun wilding colonial agents have continued to parade the streets of Ambazonia every day frightening the population, extorting money, raiding student residential areas and shooting down poorly dressed young people. It has therefore created an insecure atmosphere characterized by flying bullets, with also the possibilities of Chibok-like strategies by the regime and its sponsored agent. The environment is therefore not favorable for schooling.

Parents of Ambazonia must consider the security of their children first before schooling. They can always educate the children at home by creating emergency classrooms at home for their children.


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