Interim Government Condemns the Kidnapping of 11 Students by French Cameroun Soldiers

Independence day speech of the Acting President Ambazonia




Interim Government Condemns the Kidnapping of 11 Students by French Cameroun Soldiers

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, has received disturbing news of the kidnapping of some students from Presbyterian Secondary School (PSS) Nkwen, Bamenda, all males, early Monday, November 5th, 2018 by “unknown gunmen”.

The Interim Government is categorical that French Cameroun soldiers are responsible for the act as they continue to show disdain for our educational system, chopping off fingers of teachers, staging abduction of students and using some as sex toys as was the case recently in Sacred Heart College Bamenda, in the Northern Zone.

They have in recent weeks been kidnapping our men, women, and children to put the blame on our self-defense forces whose primary objective is to defend the 13 Counties of Ambazonia from the incursion of terrorist soldiers from French Cameroun. The Interim Government of the Federal Republic had made it clear that it was not against parents sending their children to school but was worried about their safety due to the senseless war declared on Ambazonians by dictator Paul Biya, the president of French Cameroun.

The Interim Government is well informed that this strategy was mapped out by French Cameroun soldiers through their hired militias to put Ambazonians against their self-defense forces. We must have observed how these same soldiers usually come at the end and perform a simulation attack to free captives just to be seen in the eyes of Ambazonians and the international community as saviours. Ambazonians and the international community should not be fooled by these cheap tactics by French Cameroun soldiers, whose evil ways are already known.

The Interim Government, therefore, urges Ambazonians to be vigilant, while we work to locate the whereabouts of our students kidnapped. We continue to draw the attention of UNESCO and education authorities worldwide to the unhealthy practices by French Cameroun soldiers on the educational community in Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia.

Yours Sincerely

Chris Anu

IG Communication Secretary



  1. Malis

    November 5, 2018 at 9:10 PM

    IG with Jesus complex, sorry and pathetic.

  2. Che ferdinand

    November 5, 2018 at 9:24 PM


  3. Che ferdinand

    November 5, 2018 at 10:06 PM


  4. Fredki

    November 6, 2018 at 11:00 AM

    There is nothing like kidnapped school children in Anglophone Cameroon. We should talk of abducted school children and who has done this? Who’s security officials are posted in the said school? This a French terrorism Script that France & Buhari used in Nigeria to take power from Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan naming Boko Haram a terrorist group to the world. They have tried all avenues to lab Southern Cameroons restorationist as terrorists; -Planting of explosives in Mbemgwi August 2017,
    -Creating a Muslims group in Bamenda,
    -Burning of school they were posted to protect
    -Hiring of US base firm to scandalise Southern Cameroons
    -kidnapping of Southern zone chiefs (one died) to divide Anglophones to no avail
    -Using French Company construction equipment to cut the trench on Bamenda Bafousam highway & molesting passengers to give restoration Forces a bad name
    – Early May this year they imported Fulanis from Nigeria & Northern Cameroun to anglophone regions to hamper the peace that has existed between the people and the Mbororos in that region as the did in Central Africa & Nigeria just to Southern Cameroons and bad name.
    – They killed an American missionary so that America will sympathize with them and pronounce restoration Forces as a terrorist group to no avail
    – Now they abducted school children to an unknown destination in western province and are forcing the children to say that they are being held by Amba Forces. The French script they have been using in Nigeria we know. The question is which way did the move out of Bamenda that is littered with soldiers and every car is checked at all corners? From the voice of the abductors you can confirm they are francophones.

    The recent Dapachi school girls in Yobe State is another example

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