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IG Acting President to Appoint 13 Governors



Independence day speech of the Acting President Ambazonia





13 Governors To be Appointed by the Interim President of Ambazonia.

The Acting President of the Interim Government, Southern Cameroons Dr. Sako Samuel has revealed that, 13 Governors will be appointed to head the 13 counties of Southern Cameroons. These individuals will be acting like interim Administrators until when the colonial Government in Yaounde Is finally defeated. Governors in Ambazonia will subsequently be voted by the people themselves.

This announcement was made over the state TV SCBC, Saturday 14th April, 2018 as the Acting President met with the state house press secretary answering questions from Ambazonians who had earlier submitted to the Press Secretary. The President did made other announcements such as the official banning of any elections participation in Ambazonia.

There are indications Southern Cameroons will be a 14 State Federation in which case the existing counties will become states and all counties/State will vote their Respective Governors. The 14 State or County shall be the Bakassi County.

The interim President will also be making strategic appointments for the better functioning of the interim government pending the release of Ambazonia President Sisiku AyukTabe and Members of His Government. Defending Southern Cameroons is ourultimate right.

I urged you to sponsor self Defense via! . Southern Cameroons Independence is sure to come. We as a people of former British Southern Cameroon will be free.


Ashu Kingsley (Prophet and Statesman)

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