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Ambazonian War of Independence: Nigerians Cry for Help




Ambazonian War of Independence: Nigerians Cry for Help.

By Mbah Godlove

Some Nigerians residing in Ambazonia have beckoned on their government to protect them as the restoration war deteriorate. Calls for the Buhari led administration to take care of his citizens reached apogee recently following renewed determination from Ambazonian top military generals to intensify the war to reclaim their country from the harsh colonial rule of La Republique du Cameroun.

Sources say some Nigerians in Southern Cameroons have greatly been affected since the liberation quest started in 2016. A statement from the country’s authority suggest that at least 20 of it’s citizens have been killed, several injured and a considerable loss of property owing to the upheavals.

It is against this backdrop that Nigerians have called on their home government to airlift them to safety. About two months ago, the Nigerian Consul general to Ambazonia under the colonial regime of President Paul Biya visited his Nationals in Bamenda and said the problem of insecurity was being discussed with the terrorist regime in Yaounde.

It remains unclear if the discussions failed to produce the expected results as thousands of Nigerians continue to be trapped in the ongoing deadly conflict which is nearing it’s third year.

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