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Human Rights Violation: AGC Appeals To UN.



Following the arrest and detention of Southern Cameroonians and the deplorable condition in which they have been subjected under La Republique Du Cameroun, Ambazonia Governing Council Leader, AGC, Ayaba Cho Lucas has sent out a glaring call to all citizens of Southern Cameroons politically known as Ambazonia by activists. In his Facebook page, he wrote:


Fellow Ambazonians,

In the past two weeks, Che Clovis and Walter Numvi have been subjected to torture which has resulted in broken ribs, swollen eyes and lacerated bodies. As we may all be aware in the past few days, sixteen other Ambazonians were arrested in Moliko Buea and are currently being held without charge or trial under inhumane and degrading conditions. The Ambazonian Governing Council has been meeting in the past few days to review the situation of systematic torture in our land including the harassment of the Fon of Essu and other traditional rulers in Wum.

Last week, the AGC called on the UN to appoint a special rapporteur on torture to investigate and establish this pattern for the purpose of action against Cameroun. We have also drawn the attention of Mr. Zaad Al Hussein, current UN high Commissioner for Human Rights on the detention of our compatriots. We will be setting up a special body to gather evidence and ensure the exhaustion of domestic remedy in holding Cameroun accountable for impunity to give the AGC the possibility of bringing charges against Cameroun in either the Human Rights Committee or the Committee against torture. These mechanisms will impose a cost on impunity and bring the regime under international scrutiny. We will be providing as we have been doing in the last one year all forms of support to our detained compatriots and we will be calling on every citizen to do the same. That will become clear in the next 24 hours

I want to assure every Ambazonian, that we are relentless in our effort to terminate the reign of this regime on our land and we will not rest until Cameroun is pushed out and held accountable for its reign of terror. The political party system has always remained silent when our people are arrested and tortured. This is the one reason why you must resist being drawn into an electoralism designed purposely to hoodwink your mandate to perpetuate your suffering…..Ayaba concluded.


However, BaretaNews notes that the presiding Judge, Mrs Beatrice Nambangi in Buea Court of First Instance on Wednesday 27th July postponed the case between the state of Cameroun and some 15, SC activists to August 17th, they were denied bail. She officially charged the activists for unlawful assembly which is punishable under section 232 of the Penal Code. A team of ten lawyers defended the activists in court.

We hope the call of the Ambazonia Governing Council to the UN will start building some fruits.


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