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How Displaying The Corpse Of Field Marshal Only Makes The Colonial Regime Stupid



How Displaying The Corpse Of Field Marshal Only Makes The Colonial Regime Stupid

By Mbah Godlove

For the past 4 years, the colonial military has had the habit of parading with the corpse of any Ambazonian military commander but such action only adds momentum to the flames of revolution.

Early this Friday, July 15, a corpse already in an advanced state of decomposition was paraded on the streets of Kumba by colonial soldiers of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, BIR who prided themselves on having captured the great field Marshal the king of Labialem.

What I am particularly concerned about is the narrative that FM the king was killed at the Labialem Forest and the killers transported his remains to Dschang, and later airlifted via Helicopter to Kumba Meme county of the Southern zone for a public show.

I wonder what this action reduces in the current fire exerted by Ambazonia forces across the territory’s 13 counties.

Is it not about time the colonial regime understood that this old-fashioned tradition of displaying the corpses of dreaded Ambazonian commanders adds or reduces nothing to the struggle?

When general Ivo was set up and eventually killed, his remains were displayed.

The same could be said of general Ayeke of Lebialem and other few dreaded commanders who died in the line of duty.

The point here is that even the colonial Senior Divisional Officer of Meme county who led Friday’s parade in Kumba is quite conscious of the fact that Field Marshal’s exit only opens the floodgates for a more dreaded leader to emerge.

A new commander trained by the very FM the king and who has a mastery of his master’s flow will give even tougher times to colonial soldiers in Labialem county and beyond.

French Cameroun officials in Yaounde will surely be angered by the very action of the Meme colonial SDO who appeared on records promising hell to Ambazonian forces at the time when their military generals have run out of ideas.

That all the same is their own cup of tea because we in Ambazonian have just one objective; securing our independence and building our promised land of Ambazonia.

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