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Tension In Bamenda As Colonial Soldiers Intensify Seizure of Moto Bikes



Tension In Bamenda As Colonial Soldiers Intensify Seizure of Moto Bikes

By Mbah Godlove

The population of Bamenda says they have been adversely affected by a recent decision taken by the colonial administration to completely stop the circulation of bikes in the City.

For about a week now, French Cameroon soldiers have been deployed to major junctions and streets to enforce the order.

Hundreds of bikes have been seized with the owner Left jobless.

Sustaining their families has been difficult coupled with the effects of the ongoing Ambazonian war of Independence.

“My bike was my only source of income from which my family and I have been managing. I don’t just know what I am going to do,” a victim said.

The colonial governor of the northern zone banned the circulation of Moto bikes in Bamenda, claiming that most bikers are Ambazonian fighters.

Meantime, the move has not only affected bike riders but also a wider portion of the population in the City who depended on them for their day-to-day activities.

Transport fare is also said to have skyrocketed in the past few days.

” With 200frs, I could leave from Mulang to the main market. But now, I spend 350frs and sometimes 400frs because bike riders are afraid to transport people,” a local revealed.

The war against bike riders in Bamenda has been interpreted by many as a deliberate attempt to wreak suffering on a people who are already affected by the unending armed conflict in Ambazonia.

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